Focus on the Process Versus Attaching to People

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I am in the process of readying the house for sale.

No matter who walks in the door to take a look at the house, I maintain the intent that the sale is already done. Other than that, focusing on the process of selling the home versus attaching to people keeps me:

  • calm
  • confident
  • grounded
  • relaxed
  • trusting in the process

Some sellers mistakenly attach heavily to all prospective buyers from a heavy energy of fear. Every word, move and utterance from the prospective buyer takes the seller on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Is the person buying? Or did the person make a low ball offer? Did you price the house too high? Will you attract bottom feeders if you lower the price?

But wise, abundant-feeling sellers focus exclusively on the process of:

  • preparing the home for sale
  • outsourcing all presentation and selling to the realtor
  • believing that the house is already sold

Stop Attaching to People

Whether you are selling a house, running a business or looking for a life partner, stop attaching to people from an energy of fear. Home buyers, customers and husbands or wives appear in your experience not because you pined for each but because you focused almost exclusively on the process associated with each endeavor.

I recall meeting my wife Kelli over 13 years ago. I had flown solo for a few years. My dad mentioned it could be nice to meet someone to share my life with, after this extended solo act.

I wrote an intent on a piece of paper: I put out to the universe the idea that I intended to meet someone romantically who shared my views, predominantly.

I then focused on the simple process of meeting people by being more social than normal, being detached, relaxed and trusting. Within a short period of time, I met a group of fun, energetic, pretty women through completely unforeseen circumstances. One of those women was Kelli.

13 years later, we are a happy couple who has circled the globe. Why? I focused on the process of meeting someone versus obsessing over individual women I met.

Get Lost in the Process

Develop a healthy passion for whatever process you engage in to stabilize your energy. Success in any area flows through human beings but from individuals highly focused on having fun throwing themselves in to the process.

I have blogged for over a decade. Any time a person reaches out to me for some potential business, my dedication to enjoying the blogging process through generous work over a decade led to the business prospects. Attaching to prospective clients and customers from energies of fear did not manifest the individuals.

Have fun working the process. Developing a genuine passion for some endeavor yields positive outcomes but only after you get lost in the process for a while. Time frames vary; selling a home may span weeks or months, finding a life partner may span months or years but growing a business will span years of your life. But what do you care? You're too lost in having fun with the process to attach to people or time frames.

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