Does Life Happen To You Or For You?

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Life happens for me.

Life never happens to me.

Life happening to me suggests I am a victim. Victims lend their precious power of thought-choice to people, situations and circumstances. Handing over this power of thought-choice binds you to these people, situations and circumstances. Literally, since you choose not to let them go, you choose to live your life based on their actions in the past.

Being a victim never works because deciding to be bond to another human or past event ties you to an illusion. No human is bound to another human because separation does not exist. We are all one. The past does not exist because time is an illusion

How miserable does life become if you cling to what is not real? Pretty darn miserable. I used to have a hit list of people, places and things I believed happened TO me. But forgiving myself and forgiving humans and circumstances removed the bond. Removing the bond freed me because I shifted from illusion-fear to truth-love. Love is real. Fear is illusion

For You

Every person who *appeared* to wrong me acted on their own fears. I reacted negatively because of my own fears. We co-operated to live in an illusion of fear, an unreal state. But seeing how everything happened FOR me cultivated:

  • forgiveness
  • compassion
  • peace

in me. The rough childhood abuse happened for me to have compassion for pained, afraid human beings who suffered. The harsh critics happened for me to have compassion for unhappy, scared people who tried to project their suffering onto me. Everything happened for me to face fear, embrace fear and release fear, to allow me to live more from love, compassion, generosity and forgiveness.

Never Be a Victim

Certain movements thrive on the fear of being a victim based on race, class, income and other factors. Never join these movements because doing so makes yourself and others see themselves as “less than”. Seeing people in “less than” fashion morphs infinite beings with the power of choice into helpless victims bound to the illusion of separation and the past.

Never be a victim. Face your fears. Forgive. Never tell another human being how they don't know how you feel because the most forgiving, empowered, victim-free people of the world faced horrors, terrors and fears you cannot even dream of.

Face Fear

Every liberated person faces fears that victims refuse to face. Every liberated person understand how life unfolds for them to learn more about themselves, their powers for forgiveness and compassion, and their power of choice.

We are equal. Level the playing field by seeing yourself in an empowered light. Clinging to the past only gives other humans permission to treat you like a victim because people treat you how you see yourself. Emit a different signal. See yourself and humanity as being empowered, loving and forgiving.

We are all in this together.

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