Do You Empower or Enable?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I read a paragraph in “A Course in Miracles” a few moments ago.

The Voice aka “author” 😉 noted how every good teacher intends to give his students so much of his own learning that they will not need him one day. As always, the infinite wisdom channeled to this world remains spot on. Observe skilled teachers. None hold anything back. All good teachers share all of their wisdom so their students can one day exceed them. This mindset leads to the evolution of the human race. 

But check yourself; do you empower or enable as a teacher?

Old Versus New Me

I regularly revisit my dream vision to ensure I empower bloggers. The old me feared loss – being without a vision – so I attempted to enable people. I needed them to prosper me. Fearing loss, I gave just enough knowledge to aid readers but not enough to empower them to move on from me. 

After struggling for a long time I decided to give away the farm. I gave away all of my best work for free and beefed up the best work 10 to 100 levels to create premium products and services. I stopped needing people to succeed. Teaching to empower feels better than teaching to enable someone. Plus, my worldly success expanded.

How About You?

Do you lead to empower or pull to enable? Answer the question honestly. Ensure that you lead to empower by dreaming your ideal life. Every visionary empowers humans because seeing your dream life energizes you to be calm, confident and trusting that your vision comes into form a bit more daily. 

Stop stringing people along to keep them around for your own good. Start empowering people to succeed even more greatly than you. Lead folks to be free of you. I intend to teach aspiring bloggers to be professional bloggers. But I also intend to be free of these pros who also become free of me. 

Heart-centered leaders empower people to follow their lead solo, one day. Every genuinely great teacher sets an intent to co-create successful, happy, independent teachers. 

The Chief Benefit

Empowering people to be successful, prospering and free from you feels fun. But as an added bonus, your worldly success expands by empowering leaders to lead independent of you because inspiring leaders is the most powerful form of word of mouth marketing. Imagine how much clout you gain every time one of your students becomes a teacher. Talk about gaining trust on a wide-scale. Aspiring leaders seek out people who empower, uplift and inspire individuals. You and I gravitate toward people who see greatness in us. 

Shift your intent to move from enabling to empowering. Be compassionate by never allowing someone to cower to their excuses. Seeing people through a compassionate filter means you observe the highest version of that individual. Navigate them through their mental blocks. Guide them through their limiting beliefs. Empower people to take complete control of their own life as your happiness, freedom and success expands.


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