But Did You Really Want That?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I just spent a few minutes checking a few emails.

Emphasis on “a few”.

I get few emails daily. I spend little time checking emails. I ultimately want to receive zero emails daily because I love giving all of my attention and energy to:

  • publishing blog posts
  • publishing guest posts
  • receiving passive income

Why? I circle the globe. Helping people and receiving passive income is the most fun, freeing and practical way for a globe trotting blogger to live.

But for years, I made a foolish mistake; I *thought* I wanted to receive 100 emails daily because I equated a high email volume with being successful, happy, and free. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I did not really want to get a ton of emails because scanning, reading and replying to email is the ultimate pro blogger time suck. I finally made this realization, observed all the heartache that my email volume caused me and built my blogging campaign almost solely on passive income principles.

What Do You REALLY Want?

Is what you seem to want now what you genuinely want? I tortured myself and struggled to blog successfully for quite a while because I seemed to want a high number of emails greeting my inbox daily.

After enough self-torture, I realized I wanted to write posts and get passive income as I circled the globe. I looked at someone like Jeff Bezos; he became the wealthiest person on earth through a passive income model. This is one reason why I wrote and self-published 120 plus eBooks and sell them through Amazon. Partnering with the #1 passive income earner in human history makes sense to me. The eBooks are helpful; Bezos makes it easy for you to buy them. RB and JB win.

What do you genuinely want? Wait for an honest answer. Expect ego to fight you a little bit or a lot. Be with the fight. Sit with the fear. Wait until an honest response enters your consciousness.

Chart a New Path

The moment you honestly hear in your mind what you genuinely want, chart a new path.

Deciding that my most fun, freeing life would be writing posts and selling products inspired me to:

  • remove my contact page (less email and also ensured people emailing me had to do some legwork; this guarantees any email I receive is from someone who REALLY wants to work with me or to get my help)
  • post my email link only at the bottom of my About Page (targets serious, driven, patient readers, clients and customers who need to do that legwork)
  • promote my eBooks, courses and other passive products solely
  • terminate my coaching, consulting and freelancing businesses (save for a select few trusted clients)

Making these changes felt uncomfortable but necessary to build a passive income focused business and to spend 90% of my day publishing content, which is my greatest joy, and which best benefits you.

Figure out what you really want today. Visualize your most fun, freeing dream life. Then get busy letting go what you do not want and chart a new path toward what you do want.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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