1 Step to Leaving the Matrix

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Notice humanity leaving the Matrix. Seriously. Observe it to gain a sense of knowing. You and I are evolving. Human beings are finally beginning to understand on a global scale that we are free. We can all live with compassion, decency in equality and help each other prosper from an abundant energy.

 I rarely follow the news but find myself tuning into really interesting stories these days. On a global scale, humanity is not so much fed up but freed up. I noticed people demonstrating in increasing numbers. In some areas, groups of people have all but taken over small portions of communities.

Peaceful Takeover

But from what I've read so far, this takeover has been done not from a place of force and fear but love and unity. I don't believe a police state is the answer and I certainly don't believe dissolving law and order is the answer either. We will find a middle ground. Laws with love? Order with compassion? Isn't it fun to think about the possibilities?

 One important step to leaving the Matrix of fear engineered by a few people with worldly power is to notice when humanity is leaving this fear on a global scale. More than any time in human history, human beings are realizing that they have the power. But here's the kicker;  this power is not about control, manipulation, force or fear. Quite to the contrary.

Love Power

This is the power of love. People are coming together to share their thoughts. People are speaking for equality. People realize that they have the power through our Oneness. That's the beauty of humanity beginning to leave the Matrix on a world scale. Every human being can work together compassionate framework of law & order to benefit the whole. That's exactly what's happening right now.


 Be prepared for some energetic kinks. Fears will arise. Both from the engineers of the Matrix, and from the people completely unaware up until this point that they have been manipulated by fear, smoke and mirrors. Fighting may arise but not because we're moving backwards. I think both sides are just unaccustomed to the new roles they are beginning to play.

 Be prepared for some ups and downs as we move together as One. These are bumps in the road. Adjust for a little bit of turbulence. But understand that the more human beings decide to come together as one living presense from a Spirit of Harmony, everybody else will follow suit. The Matrix is dissolving. It's a beautiful thing to see.

Law and Order Will Remain But Be Different

 Law & Order still has its place folks. I'm not advising a Mad Max scenario here. But these principles will be based on compassion, fairness, generosity and trust. People will still get arrested. Tickets will be issued. But instead of solely using fear to scare people into order through manipulation, law & order will be more about getting everybody to work together from a place of compassion, unity, harmony and benefit to all.

 The difference will be the feeling. The difference will be the intent. You and I are seeing it right now. I read an article about how a small section of Seattle has been occupied by peaceful protesters. This scares the living daylights out of people running the Matrix because their fear of losing control has manifest. How everything will unfold should be fascinating to watch. I believe that always, love and freedom will win.

You and I Are Not Little Kids

 You and I are not little kids, subject to punishment by fear, force and manipulation if we don't obey. We're compassionate, caring humans. Sure we make mistakes. Of course we need to follow laws for the betterment of society. But the enforcement of laws, the current financial system and the overall design of the Matrix it's beginning to reveal that people have the power to come together for all of our good, rather than being treated like little kids or even animals in some of the more brutal cases.

 This post is not a call to revolution but revelation. We all have the power within to come together to improve the world for every single human being, as well as all sentient beings. Do everything with love guys. No matter how you're expressing yourself now, power always wins because if you use love, harmony and non-resistance, we will evolve in a more peaceful, freeing way.

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I read a paragraph in “A Course in Miracles” a few moments ago. The Voice aka “author” 😉 noted how every good teacher intends to give his students so much of his own learning that they will not need him one day. As always, the infinite wisdom channeled to this world remains spot on. Observe

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