Tips For Helping Your Business Cope Through Uncertain Times

by Ericka Gresham

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Everybody fails now and then. Learning from your failures is what makes you stronger and better. When it comes to getting your business through the tougher times, you need to be prepared for the fallout, the repercussions. That’s not to say that all businesses don’t go through uncertain times. Planning and ensuring you’re surrounded with the right people and mindset are what will get you through and make your business stronger.

Make A Plan

They say you should prepare for anything, even failure. When you suspect disaster or failure looming over your business, it’s important to act as quickly as you can. Have multiple plans in place, in case the first one doesn’t cover enough.

Look at your budget, can you make any cuts? Cutting out extras that are only making a loss to your business can be taken out immediately. If you can, look into cutting your employees’ salaries. Of course, discuss this with them before you do anything – the last thing you want is unhappy employees. Uncovering the true problems of what has happened when it’s happening will ensure that you can avoid it in the future.


Don’t hide your problems, bottling it all up is not only too much stress for one person to handle, but avoiding sharing bad details will only cause them to become worse. Tell your employees about the situation. You want to maintain trust within your business – your employees can help with this by offering advice and solutions.

“If you have a board of investors or anyone else who shares your business, you have to tell them for legal implications. They can help with planning for the next step. A board will have external resources and expertise when it comes to troubles in a business, like finance and losses. If they’re on a board, chances are that they’ve seen this or been through this before,” writes Alan V. Peters, a business writer at Writemyx.com and Nextcoursework.com. Putting trust in others is what will help you through the tougher times.

Have Cash At The Ready

Most payments and savings are all stored in banks and online having a small cash flow saved. However, especially if you are a smaller business, things can get very messy very quickly. Obtain a loan from a bank or ask to borrow from friends or family members. You could even potentially sell stocks if this is an option. Review your finances and see if any investors or insurers can help out during this difficult time. You need to survive this time – having easy access to cash is imperative for keeping your business alive.

Take Time To Review Your Business

In dealing with tougher times, it’s good to review how things went wrong. Not to say that these tough times are down to one mistake, but are most likely a collective of missteps. “Take this time to invest in your business and yourself, train your employees better, update your social channels and websites, look into buying better technology, and anything that can upgrade your business. You need to keep spirits high during this time, make your business grow, and ensure that after this tough time it will come out stronger than before,” writes Mario R. Massey, a project manager at Australia2write.com and Britstudent.com.

As much as it’s important to invest your time into your business, invest time in yourself, train yourself with the latest business strategies and marketing tools, become the best business version of yourself.

Learn From What Happened

After a crisis, whether it’s been financial downfall or cuts, it’s easy to forget and move on. But, this is dangerous. Looking at what went wrong and how to avoid the same mistakes in the future is hugely important. You can see how you can plan for better things and change things if they are not aiding your business positively. Review how you went about the challenges you faced and see if you could have done this differently. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Unprecedented things occur almost all the time, especially with smaller and growing businesses. Learning from them and coming out stronger will give you durability and resilience for the next obstacle.

Businesses will go through a tough time during their growth. But the most important thing is to learn from your mistakes and grow from them. Prepare if you can and be upfront with others about what is happening. It will all be ok at the end of the day.

About the Author 

Ericka Gresham

Ericka Grasham is a freelance recruitment specialist and copywriter. You can find her featured work at Write My Essay and Phdkingdom.com. Ericka enjoys writing about business, marketing, headhunting, and new technologies. She also writes for Coursework Help and is part of the academicbrits.com community.

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