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I am a big hoops fan now. In the 90’s, I was an obsessive hoops fan. Big Knicks guy.

Of course, Michael Jordan was the Knicks' nemesis, knocking the NY team out of the playoffs every year. The Knickerbockers never could get by the guy.

I deeply enjoyed the ESPN series The Last Dance because not only did the producers go behind the scenes, providing personal glimpses into the player’s real, human lives, you also get to see how success costs icons. Reality checks sit well with me because you see truth, not illusion, fiction and fantasy.

Give to Get

Michael Jordan became the best baller of all time. He may be the greatest athlete of all time. Titles, endorsements, and individual success, he lived what most consider a dream life. But the dream life costs you because to get, you must give.

Don’t get it twisted; Jordan enjoyed his success. He loved the brotherhood once he became closer to teammates. Being worth hundreds of millions of dollars did not hurt him, either. But for all of this getting, the giving became titanic.

Epic Living Requires Epic Giving

MJ was perhaps the most famous person on the planet for a certain stretch. GETTING massive fame, love and adoration from humanity required GIVING up his privacy, the split second he left his dwelling. Home or hotel, Jordan only felt semi at peace in his lodging because the cost of being famous involves standing in the public spotlight, the split second you leave the house.

Frankly, that would drive me mad. I would hate not being able to shop, exercise or do anything in public, solo, sans being approached by folks. 

He loved the game but the amount of practice, study and mental preparation he GAVE to become the greatest of all time consumed a large portion of his life. I know he got fed up giving so much sometimes because he is human. I love blogging but get fed up sometimes, being up at 2 AM writing, spending 3-4 hours meditating, doing Kriya yoga, doing yin yoga and exercising, every single day, to train for the rigors of publishing 10-12 to 14 or more blog posts daily. Most people think I am gifted, talented, blessed, a natural. My wife can assure you; I am a human being who gives myself 100% to my blogging craft.

Movie Worthy Life Means Movie Worthy Effort

People believe I live a movie-worthy life of circling the globe as a pro blogger but I give a movie-worthy effort to live this life.

Epic living requires epic giving.

Success costs you dearly. Of course, being happy, free and fulfilled feels worth it. Inspiring people feels worth it. But facing, feeling and releasing fear on this journey taxes you. Be forewarned. In the same breath, the cost you pay simply frees you of tired, old, worn out states of mind, habits, and relationships. Everybody wins by you paying the price. But just know that to have it all, you must give up a lot.

Again, as a guy who’s working his way up in the blogging game…..100% worth it. Freedom wins.

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