Luck or Non-Resistance?

by Ryan Biddulph

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One theme runs through successful, happy people who I observe: this lot seems lucky but simply moves through life non-resistant to their passions and fears.

Think about it; icons speak of following your passion no matter what. The great Steve Jobs advised doing so because he noted how logical people quit, results suggesting that ventures did not work out. Top pros proceed from a passionate, fun-loving energy, not resisting intuitive nudges to move in that direction, for decades.

Icons also exhibit non-resistance to fear. Feel fear, do it anyway, they say. Be with fear. Do not fight fear. Feel fear. Following passion pulls you into problems fueled by fear. Face 'em. Either be non-resistant to fear, feeling it and clearing it, or resist it by burying it, denying it and fighting it. Resist fear and its sticks around, ruining your life. Feel it to move it along, allowing you to follow your passion more doggedly, positioning you to live your dreams.

My Gig

I slept for 3 hours last night. All of my energy work sometimes creates massive surges in my being making sleep impossible. My mind feared waking after 3 hours of rest. Especially since I’ve been working for 10-12 hours daily. 

Fear told me to stay in bed or else I’d get sick, burn out, flame out and suffer. I simply did not resist the fears, feeling these anxieties, until the fear passed. I woke up and felt an urge to do something I love: write. I did not resist the passion. I honored my love for writing by publishing this guest post.

Do you see how it worked? I appear to be lucky because I circle the globe as a pro blogger. But I just display – largely at least – non-resistance to both following my passion and feeling my fears. 

Stop Resisting Both

People think of doing something they love for a living but resist the desire by talking themselves out of the passion. Resistance wins again. Blogging about your passion sounds fun but you resist the idea because you have bills to pay and a 9-5 job to work. 

Perhaps you non-resistantly follow your passion for a few hours. Researching blogging, you discover doing it right requires a financial investment in a domain and hosting. Expect to pay $17 annually for a domain. Figure to drop $5 – $10 monthly for hosting. Immediately, fear triggers in your mind. Why waste money on a likely failed venture? Most of humanity resists this fear, buries it, never addresses it again, and works a 9-5 job for the remainder of their lives. A few brave souls become utterly non-resistant to the fear, feel the anxiety of seemingly wasting money on a scary but exciting venture, invest the money and begin their blogging journey. These are the “lucky” ones.

15,000 Hours

The past 10 years of my life included 15,000 hours of non-resistance to following my passion and fears. I felt an intuitive nudge to do something fun, and, not resisting it, did it. I also felt deep fears during moments. If I felt and released deep fears – being non-resistant – I experienced greater success. But any sustained period of fear non-resistance resulted in mental and worldly nightmares, problems sprouting out of the fact I chose to not face, feel and release fears. Periods of seeming unluckiness followed but it was simply my non-resistance to both passion and fear.

Luck does not exist in a precise Universe of free will, choice and decision. Be utterly non-resistance to both following your passion and facing your fears. Live your dreams. Empower humanity. Introduce yourself to who you really are.

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