Is Your Purpose YOUR Purpose?

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For about 3 decades of my life, I lived according to the purpose of society. I learned from the general public; go to school, get a job to pay bills, enjoy weekends and off time during the week. I did not enjoy following this purpose the moment I graduated from college because I preferred to do something for the fun of it., versus living to accumulate numbers on a screen. Doing fun stuff in life polished my skills in those areas. Money could be a nice side effect, if I pursued these avenues.

After being let go from my pier guard job over a decade ago, I figured it out: I had not been living my purpose. I did what the general public said I should do. Rude awakening at first, but realizing this freed me to live my genuine, inner purpose. I began blogging while circling the globe. I lived in places like Fiji, similar to the featured image for this post. Fun!

But seeing myself in the light of truth was the way to figure out my purpose, or, to cease living someone else’s purpose, so I could follow MY fun.

Is Your Purpose REALLY Your Purpose?

Be straight with yourself. Do you love your life? Do you enjoy your purpose? Is it YOUR purpose? Swallowing this truth feels bitter at first. Nobody enjoys feeling like they wasted a few decades of life doing what their parents wanted them to do. Who feels good about living their parent’s purpose? Anger could arise; so could shame, embarrassment or a general depression with wasting years of your life.

Own these emotions. Feel these energies. Release these energies. Get clear. Choose YOUR purpose. Follow your passion. Follow your fun. Listen to your heart. Be with these energies. A small, still voice may arise. Or perhaps your intuition beats you upside the head. Each experience is intimate, highly personal.

Before being downsized, I intuitively knew the pier guard job would be the last job I ever worked.  Being an entrepreneur felt scary, fun, freeing and fulfilling. I knew following my passion was my purpose. But I had no clue blogging and travel would be my passions until months after I left my last job.

Life Flies By

Life becomes a blur as you age. Pick YOUR purpose now. Do what feels fun, freeing and fulfilling to YOU. Feel guilt about not doing what parents, society or mentors want you to do. People told me for years I would be the perfect on-air meteorologist. I had a BS in Earth Science with an option in meteorology, a square jaw and the TV look in demand for on-air weather folks. 

But I had zero interest in doing this communication gig after a short internship at the local TV station. People saw one purpose. I knew the purpose would never be my life purpose because MY heart told me differently. Thank goodness I knew the fleeting nature of life and followed my purpose, my passion, versus delaying, dawdling and futzing around.

Heck; as I get clearer and clearer, I write this self help themed post to begin my blogging day, even though I am a blogging tips guy. Why? Sharing my personal growth insights with the world is one purpose of mine. I do link to my blog with my 20 plus personal development eBooks for potential business growth, but this is outside of my niche. But my purpose, passion and fun guide me in all I do these days.

Make sure your purpose is genuinely YOUR purpose.

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