Ignore the Lower Energies

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People will try to scare you, threaten you, intimidate you and flat out do their best to use fear to manipulate you into doing something, from time to time. Sometimes, folks beg desperately. Other times, people play the victim card.

Ignore the lower energies. Lower energies vanish from your life fast because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

People sometimes email me worry, anxiety and fear heavy emails. I ignore and move on, usually. In some cases I do help but since I see myself as a leader – not a savior – I can only lead people who vibe high enough to see themselves as following me. Nobody mired in fear can follow me because fear forces you to see yourself as being unable to follow, unable to learn, unable to succeed and unable to win. How can you win if you give all of your attention and energy to folks who do not see themselves as winners? Impossible.

Show Compassion to Lead Empowered But Struggling Folks

Some people struggle mightily but feel empowered enough to follow. Listen to your heart. You’ll know when and who to help, to lead. Someone suffering in a moment of need simply may be having a moment. Give your love to these folks. Help them through a tough time. 

But know the difference between a high vibing person having a moment and a low vibing person acting normal. Intuitively, we sense when someone needs to be released fast in order to sprint forward and we also know when helping someone in difficult moments allows them to get through an energetic kink, so they can sprint forward, too.

The lower energies disappear when you release lower vibes and make room for higher vibes. But of course, taking this route feels highly uncomfortable at first. No one feels awesome releasing lower energies immediately; at least until it becomes a habit.

Feel Guilt

Guilt usually steps to the top of the emotions list the split second you ignore an email, look past a Tweet or even block someone on social media. I had to do this a few times during my blogging career. Guess what? Initially, I felt bad because folks who’d been friends simply turned to the dark side of lower energies and needed releasing. Letting go a former buddy feels tough but the initial fear-loss quickly dissolves into happiness because you realize the bond had run its course. Both parties can move in opposite directions now.

Sure It Feels Tough

Guys; you may feel entirely overwhelmed with lower energies these days. Major media and humanity in general seems weighed down by fear, pain and suffering. This makes it even more important to go within on a regular basis.

Spend time in quiet. Consider meditating to expand your awareness. Being aware of your thoughts and feelings can help you see, spot and release lower energy people in your life.

Far from being judgmental, releasing folks vibing mainly from fear simply allows both parties to find better matches. Both people can move in opposite directions to vibe higher if they choose to do so. But it is never your responsibility to force someone to see the light because everyone needs to make that choice on their own.

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