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How Often Do You Go Within?

I find myself in a liberating but challenging time. I intend to go within on the regular every single day. This means moving my focus to my body my mind and pretty much everything within my inner world. Does this feel easy? Absolutely not. Like every human being, I am conditioned to look outside of me in the physical world to choose my thoughts and feelings. Or to look outside of me to find my direction in life.

 Look no further than current global headlines. Do you see what I mean? Human beings look outside of themselves from a heavy energy of fear and build images and emotions in mind that seal their fate. I really mean this. Most people think, feel and act like their fate is sealed because they get caught up in the mass fear manifest as panic gripping the world. You can do two things: look within or look without. I looked outside of myself for most of my life and paid the consequences. Why? If you look outside of yourself the picture ain't going to be pretty. 

Look Within

I suggest looking within yourself to better navigate life’s twists and turns. Life intervenes. Obstacles arise. Facing resistance is a simple fact of life. Going within gives you clues as to how you respond or react to life’s inevitable trials, tribulations and challenges. Go within to see your fears, worries, hopes, dreams, desires and pretty much all of your programming. Observe your wiring. Why do you do what you do?

Internet Out

The internet pops in and out every 3-5 seconds as I write these words. Since I keep focusing inward, concentrating on my body and mind, I can see if fear manifest as tension, annoyance, anger and agitation arises. Nothing doing now. But a while back, before I went within, I would be angry because my current day, beloved dictation strategy would be moot with the internet being down. I type. I adapt. I go within to spot, feel and clear fears, so I can live from a relaxed, calm, flexible energy malleable to life and all of its changes.

Practice Going Within

Like any skill, going within takes practice because the focus is a mental muscle. Imagine building up your body with weights. Build your mind through gentle but firm strategies, like practicing self-awareness. 

Concentrate on your breathing now. Follow the breath flowing in and out of your nose. How quickly does your focus wander to thoughts, feelings, or sensations in your body? Observe the focus shift. Note the object. Gently and firmly return the focus to your breath.

Engage in this practice for 10 minutes daily to follow a simple meditation practice. Expect a bumpy road in the beginning because your mental muscles are likely weak from inactivity. But eventually you gain mental strength. Going within becomes easy. As life roils outside of you, the general public living outside-in, your mental practice helps you find peaceful solace in your inner world.

Go within to see a different without. Life unfolds according to your mental filter. Go within, cultivate peace of mind and see a new, relaxing outside world.


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Ryan Biddulph

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