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I can genuinely tell you that most people around the world are incredibly similar even though we may live in places with far different cultures. Why? My experience of circling the globe for 9 years allows me to share my authentic take. Before I traveled the world, I viewed people living outside the United States as being vastly different from me. My experience was the news. I trusted headlines because I had never left the country. But circling the globe gave me this global experience and somewhat worldly view, changing my perspective.

 Gaining experience is the ultimate difference-maker in your life. People may advise you to do something. But until you do it to gain critical, intimate experience, you won't know. Nobody knows anything until the individual experiences something. You and I need that experience to understand.


 I know the news media uses fear to manipulate you into following the news. Personal experience led to this knowing. I used to be a newshound decades ago. But facing my fears while circling the globe helped me become more fearless, clearing the veil of illusion that previously scared me into following the news for years. I have not closely followed the news in decades and literally have not read one headline over the past five weeks of my life.

 Meditating *experiences* for years expanded my awareness so I could face, feel and release many of my personal fears. Releasing these fears allowed me to clearly see the news for what it was. Again, my personal experience allows me to avoid the fear manipulation of the news media. Most people cannot say the same thing. 

Simply observe global headlines. Watch closely how people react to the headlines from predominant energies of fear, masked as anger, rage, hopelessness and despair. Their experience is different than mine because they choose not to expand their awareness and not to face their fears on a regular basis. 

Dive In

 Dive into life. You and I exist to  have something we would call a human experience. So experience it. Does something seem worthy to you? Do it. Dream big dreams then get busy being the person who lives those dreams. Gain experience serving people. Generously help human beings to learn the secret of happiness and worldly success.

 I run a blogging tips blog at Blogging from Paradise. Sure I can offer blogging advice to people until I'm blue in the face but instead adopt a take-it-or-leave-it approach. I offer blogging advice. Either you take it and use it to gain valuable experience or you leave it. Makes no difference to me. Gaining experience is 100% your personal decision. I have nothing to do with the choices you make because I can not control your mind or force you to have experiences.

 Your sole responsibility is to gain fun, freeing and sometimes highly scary experiences doing things that benefit humanity and benefit you in the process. Only you can choose to follow your passion and gain valuable experience even if taking these steps feels quite uncomfortable sometimes. That's your choice.  You choose what to experience. 

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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