Everything Is A-OK

by Ryan Biddulph

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As a former worry-wort, I had to remind myself that everything was A-OK, frequently.

Even if things do not appear to be A-OK – financial issues, domestic breakups, professional setbacks and general worldly loss – never trust appearances because illusions fade but your predominant state of mind remains true. 

Imagine your mind co-creating every situation in your life. Do specific experiences scare you now? Probably not, because you subconsciously created the events and can simply maintain a calm vibe to see the event through to a calm solution.

Ego Hates This

Ego does not like this mindset at all because ego fights for every worldly event as being Reality, with an emphasis on the capital “R”. Even Einstein said reality is an illusion, albeit, a persistent one.

Any human being can easily call on a series of events proving the wisdom of Einstein true. I grew through various forms of loss during my 45 years on planet earth. In every case, everything was OK and turned out to be OK too. Why? My fears created the “not OK” feeling coloring the event in judgment. Facing, feeling and releasing fears, I saw the OK nature of every experience in my life.

Ground Yourself Through Daily Practices

How can you maintain this frame of mind? Virtually all mere mortals need grounding in a spiritual practice. I suggest meditating, doing Kriya yoga or praying, to expand your awareness, to unearth fears and to create peace within your being. No one feels like everything is OK with fear boiling within. Fear is the only energy making everything not OK. Fear creates chaos. Face fear, feel fear and release fear. Cultivate love, peace and calm within your being.

Atheists simply can see their mind co-creating with the physical world. No need to believe in God to put these principles into action. Buddha placed a premium on taking full personal responsibility for going within to solve problems. Perhaps his teachings resonate with you or maybe you prefer going the lone wolf route.

Life Gets Easier

Life becomes easier if everything feels OK no matter what. Solutions arise immediately. Plus you put little faith in things like money, property, physical possessions and pretty much any “thing” in the world. 

Money may be the ultimate “everything is NOT A-OK!” trigger because humans equate money with fun, freedom, liberation and avoidance of bondage, in their minds. Like all ego-constructs, this illusion tumbles hard and fast the moment you appear to lose money or when you make more money than you dreamed of, but feel depressed after a temporary surge of wild excitement. All peace comes from your mind if you dig deep into your heart and follow daily inner world practices. Everything is A-OK no matter fears triggered in your mind. All is A-OK no matter what temporary losses you appear to sustain, because it shall pass into more love, gain and peace of mind.

Everything is OK now and forever.  Ego and its judgments are the only element attempting to disprove this eternal truth. Events may trigger your fears but the event is independent of your fears, and the event is OK.

All is A-OK.

Remind yourself of this every hour of every day.


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