Energy Sources: Outside Temporary Inside Never Runs Out

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Do you feel a bit tired? Grab a cup of coffee. Quick pick me up. Until 20 minutes from now. Caffeine crash.

How about an energy drink? Massive surge for 5 minutes. But the energy crash comes 30 minutes down the road.

Every outside energy source serves as only a temporary boost because life is change, things change and anything in time, changes. People drink 4, 5 or 6 cups of coffee daily, chasing the energy dragon, becoming addicted to sugar, caffeine and those short, temporary energy surges, followed by the inevitable crash. Ditto for all supplements, drugs and even foods. Just because a thing is organic does not mean the thing lasts forever.

Inner Energy Never Runs Out

But energy within never runs out. Meditate. Do Kriya yoga. Pray from a generous, abundant, relaxed energy. Each practice taps you into an unending energy source because who you REALLY are is not bound by time, space or change. You and I are unlimited energy but need follow spiritual practices diligently to unearth, feel and purge fears conditioning us to believe otherwise.

I publish up to 14 blog posts daily between my blog and guest posts. True; I do drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning but mainly for taste and necessary calories. Why do I need the calories? I spend 3-4 hours daily meditating, doing Kriya yoga, doing yin yoga and power walking. Each practice allows me to tap into my inner, inexhaustible, endless source of energy. Yep; this energy inspires me to publish up to 14 blog posts daily. 

Up Late?…..Nah

Last night, I published my 12th post of the day at 2 AM. Did I feel tired? Nope. Did I feel like I was up late? Nope. Tapping into energy within gives you an eternal flow of energy to sustain you…..forever….or as long as you live on planet earth.

Spiritual masters often forego sleep because these gurus become fully-realized through decades of spiritual training. Jesus Christ and Buddha realized that they WERE energy; timeless, limitless beings, who only slept to condescend to a worldly life. 

Go within. Regularly. Realize how you have all the energy you need – and more – to follow your dreams, to serve humanity and to gain love-fun-freedom-success momentum daily.

Stop Being a Slave to Outside Sources

Cigarettes to calm the nerves. Coffee for an energy boost. Chocolate to help you feel better when depressed. All outside energy sources enslave you to the thing because you change your emotions based on ingesting the thing. 

Stop being a slave to things. Go within to cultivate an endless source of energy. Don’t get it twisted; going within for 3-4 hours daily is no joke. I face fears and intense discomfort frequently. But being liberated from these fears and intense discomforts reveals that me and my mind are the only things in the way of accessing unlimited, pure energy. 

Wouldn’t you rather access energy that never runs out? Sure it feels amazing to find everything within but doing so saves you oodles of money too. Coffee gets expensive after a while!

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