Do You Trade Popularity for Happiness and Profits?

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I wrote for a well-read publication for a bit. Sweet gig.

I accessed a large community of human beings who followed my posts. 

But a few months ago, I crafted one sentence explaining how taking full, personal responsibility for your wealth, health and life in general is the key to happiness, freedom, liberation, abundance and wellness. Someone asked me to remove the line from the blog post. I thanked them for the opportunity and told them I could no longer write for them. Nothing personal. I appreciated the gig. I loved serving people. But in that one moment, I woke up, because I would trade popularity for happiness and profits, if I continued writing for the major publication.

Current Day Me

Fast forward a few months.

My peace of mind, happiness and online profits expanded and increased since the moment I sent that email. Why? I stopped writing for a publication that offered me popularity but not the empowered, inspired, prospering, resonant audience that vibes with me. 

I began writing more for Don recently because I am happy writing about these topics. I also vibe with his empowered point of view. Of course, where your attention and energy goes, grows. Giving more attention and energy to love and less to fear allowed love to expand more in my experience. My blogging profits, happiness, peace of mind and influence grew because I gave more attention and energy to love and less attention and energy to fear.

Beware Mainstream Fear

Unfortunately, mainstream outlets predominantly use fear to scare people toward some end. Empowering readers to take full responsibility of their lives would dissolve the victim mentality that allows these entities to control the general public with fear. I knew a that decade ago, but had my first genuine, personal experience with this intent through my episode from a few months back.

I appreciate the wake up call because letting go an urge to be popular with many non-resonant people freed my energies to serve a smaller, vibrant, empowered lot who loved my message and helped me to make more money in the process. We all win. 

The masses could not see the light – being blinded by their own fear – but the few who own their light by exploring, facing, feeling and releasing fears, love my message, find inspiration in my intent and we all prosper together in happiness and peace.

Focus on a Few Humans Who Absolutely Love What You Do

10 years ago when I was a newbie online, a multi-millionaire blogger explained how he made his millions with a tiny email list. He gave all his attention and energy to a few folks who resonated with his empowering message of rendering loving service, building friendships and trusting in the process. He soon proved how love – not numbers on a screen – nets millions of dollars in profits. 10 prospering people who would run through a brick wall to follow you can do miraculous things, let alone 100 rabid fans.

Stop trying to be popular for folks who do not value what you value. Do what you love for a few people who love your message. Be happy. Feel good about staying true to your ethics. Sleep well at night. Succeed. 

Business, happiness, profits and peace of mind expands the moment you trade your desire to be popular for an intent to help people resonant with love, taking full responsibility for their lives and doing things from an empowered energy.

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