Do Deserving Issues Hold You Back?

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Nobody outworks their level of deserving.

Observe people who strain and strive for decades. Does hard work prosper them? No. Even smart work does not seem to do the trick for non-deserving folks. Simply facing, feeling and releasing worthiness issues sets these suffering people free, but few get this basic cosmic truth. Other people seem to succeed effortlessly. Little work. Big worldly success. What gives? Effortless – or more effortless – individuals believe in the fact that we deserve it all as our birthright.

Even though human beings need engage in rendering useful service to be prospered, the level of generous service need not be super human to buy a stick of gum. But people who deeply lack worthiness slap invisible handcuffs on self. Do deserving issues hold you back? Working for 18 hours a day does not make you deserving. Feeling, clearing and dissolving fears concerning your lack of worthiness is the direct way to assail this insidious foe.

Oprah Yields a Goose Egg

Do you wish to see an extreme in the lack of deserving department? I read how a self help coach appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show when said show drew in millions upon millions of viewers. Imagine the hey day of the nationally-televised show.

Anyway, the woman did a smash up job interviewing. But how much business did she generate after the show? Zero. Goose egg. Nada. For one second, please ponder this idea. Oprah helped launch the careers of icons like Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Oz and goodness knows how many super stars in their niche. She built a following of millions, who trust her implicitly. Yet, for weeks after the appearance, the self help coach generated no profits, no clients, no business.

Do you see how deserving issues hold you back? No matter who helps, you seem bound to struggle forever…..at least, until you face, feel and clear crappy-feeling, terrible-vibing, deserving issues.

Be with the Root

Most people begin having deserving issues complements of parents, fam, friends or society at large. Perhaps in a moment – or many moments – of pain and suffering, one parent told you that you would never amount to anything. Ouch. Little kids believe such ideas and carry the non-deserving beliefs through life. 

Maybe you observed doubting, non-deserving parents behave in meek, shy, low worth fashion. Planting images and feelings in mind, you learned through osmosis that you deserved nothing. Double ouch. Even if your parents did a good job telling you how the world was your oyster, their actions told a different, dis-empowering story.

Feel these energies. However unpleasant, feeling lack of worthiness is the way to feel worthy, deserving and open to all the world has for you. Trust me; the world has plenty for you. 

Never forget to render useful service generously. Helping people freely opens you up to prosperity while clearing deserving issues through karmic energies. Give. Get. But do address “getting” blocks by facing, feeling and releasing deserving issues. Open up to the world around you. Accept gifts. Allow someone to pay for your lunch. Never rob someone the gift of offering generosity. Sprint forward by knowing you deserve all the goodness you ever dreamed of.

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