Business Robot or Compassionate Entrepreneur?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Some of My Blogging Training

I embedded a 30 second video of myself doing….I don’t know. Technically, it is not yoga. But I developed a little bit of core strength doing yin yoga daily for the past 3 years. Plus, I meditate, do Kriya yoga, do a little Kundalini yoga and power walk daily. I suspect yin yoga plays the chief role in this little exercise.

Does this look like a business robot to you? Do I look like the mechanical guy who spits out elevator pitches? Or who logically tries to force his way toward business success by using hard-charging, old school, stiff, rigid methods, like undercutting competition, running scarcity-based marketing and doing all I can to win, at the expense of someone else? Nope. I appear to be a human being in the video, on my blog and through all guest posts I write here. Ditto for my 100 plus eBooks too. I am a compassionate entrepreneur who does business from the heart.

Cyborg or Compassionate Being?

Check your current business strategy. Do you sound like a business cyborg? Some entrepreneurs recite their elevator pitch as a rote practice, void of soul, mindfulness and…..humanity. Hey; I have no problem if you use an elevator pitch but the energy behind the words, the practice, the action, means everything. I almost suspect most entrepreneurs program themselves into trying to believe in self, and business, a purely mental, logical, repetitive practice. But such tactics lack life, vitality and the authentic human touch needed to make a deeper connection with humanity.

Simply click the link above. Observe me on video. I feel more human to you, right? Versus seeing my smiling avatar below connected to words on a screen, on Don’s blog, you see a human being named Ryan Biddulph on video, sharing a human experience of a guy doing some pilates type exercise. I intend to be warm, compassionate and flat out loving in all I do online. I also want to add the human touch to all I do.

The Upside

Human beings connect deeply with fellow human beings who listen to them, who solve their problems by being compassionate, and who grow their business based on the human element. Nobody enjoys being manipulated by someone who spews platitudes, elevator pitches and other concepts in robotic, non-human, fashion. But people do love someone who listens, who shares solutions and who lives, acts and builds their business in human, genuine fashion.  I enjoy meeting bloggers offline because every one says I am just like the guy my blogging buddies follow, online. That’s the human touch, my intent to be a compassionate entrepreneur shining through. Do the same. Be genuine. Build your business on authentic principles.

Beware using low energy, fear-based, stiff, rigid business-building tactics. People evolve. Business techniques evolve. People have become too sophisticated to fall prey to manipulation. Perhaps you bag a few suckers but no one builds lasting business success these days sans the human, compassionate touch.

I gotta go…..yoga is calling.


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