3 Distractions Leading to Delusion

by Ryan Biddulph

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Feeling fear, pain and grief – among other lower energies – seems brutal at times. I never relish feeling lower energies, just like any human being. But distracting yourself from facing fear and feeling pain deludes you.

For example, imagine being terrified of some life event unfolding. Nervous, antsy and worried, you grab a drink, smoke a cigarette or watch a vacant reality TV show. Guess what happens? Each distraction buries your fear-pain deeper into your being. Burying fear-pain makes it grow, making its effects on your body and mind more heinous, now, and later.

One quick look at the Western World indicates most people distract themselves, delude themselves and suffer in the process. Mass fear-pain buried deep inside people’s beings manifests as the normality of health problems and the effortless manipulation of the masses by major media and politicians. Fear is the most powerful drug in existence. But facing fear versus distracting yourself allows you to conquer this insidious foe.  Not being deluded, you see reality as it is. Life only improves dramatically from that point.

Beware these 3 common distractions.

1: Drugs

Drugs. Both recreational and prescription drugs distract you from facing truths. Recreational drugs provide a temporary escape from fear-pain but you soon feel these energies again. Plus, you need to pay the piper later. All fears you buried come spilling out the moment you quit drug use. This period is referred to as “rehabilitation”.  Or, you simply die a violent death by never quitting drug use.

Prescription drugs can be beneficial if you address the energetic root of your illness in conjunction with medicine. But relying solely on pills versus taking a holistic approach of medicine, exercise, proper nutrition and emotional hygiene, leads to suffering, misery and an early death, 100% of the time.  Truth: taking great care of your mind and body leads to lasting health and wellness. Delusion: taking pills and doing nothing else leads to health and wellness, which is course is not true, because not caring for mind and body leads to an early grave.

2: Drink

Good old alcohol. I can honestly say I only got drunk twice in my life. Perhaps I’ve nursed one beer a handful of times more but I never much distracted myself with alcohol. People turn to drinking as a means to distract self from the fear and pain of loss. Unfortunately, the temporary relaxation ends, fear-pain buries deeper into your being and your increased delusion drives everyone away from you. Alcoholics claim to not have a problem until alcoholics see the truth: that being, alcoholics have a problem that eventually kills them.

Face your problem head on. Join AA. Do whatever you need to do to address the fear fueling alcoholism because until you embrace the fear and release it, you will reach for a drink to distract yourself from how you truly feel.

3: Dumbed Down Entertainment

Reality TV is entertainment dumbed down for mass appeal. Most people live mainly from a vibration of fear. How many peaceful, detached, uplifting, successful, generous servants do you know? That’s what I thought 🙂

Anyway, the general public watches stupid shows void of intellect, substance and benefits, solely to distract themselves from some deep fear. I have never spent more than 5 seconds watching reality television because giving my attention and energy to a carefully contrived, fictitious show, engineered to manipulate you with fear, conflict and sadness, seems a poor way to spend a split second of my existence. Reality TV is junk food entertainment; drama may feel good on first consuming it but eventually poisons your mind and body in the process.

Turn off this TV trash. For good. Stop distracting yourself. Stop deluding yourself.

Spend more time in quiet to face fear, to cultivate peace of mind and to see life as it really is.

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Ryan Biddulph

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