2 Opposite Ends of the Online Spectrum

by Ryan Biddulph

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I find it interesting to contrast different online sites. Amazon and Wikipedia seem to be at opposite ends of the online spectrum. Don't get me wrong. I understand Wikipedia is a not-for-profit site. But the very fact that one of the most dominant sites on Google regularly pitches visitors for even the tiniest donations indicates the folks over there need to expand their abundance consciousness. On the flip side, Jeff Bezos is one of the wealthiest men in the world. Amazon is not struggling to make money. What's the difference between the two sites?

 Basically, it's the collective abundance consciousness of the people behind each website.


 Jeff Bezos built one of the most convenient concepts known to civilization. People can buy a dizzying array of products on Amazon. What's even better? Folks can get what they want at the click of a button. Even better than that,  people can get what they want overnight or within two days in most cases. Before the current pandemic situation, my wife ordered groceries and we received them within 4 to 6 hours. This is in New Jersey, not New York City. Astounding, when you think about it.

 Bezos created a phenomenal service but he is as generous with himself as he is with his customers. This is code for the guy is not bashful about making money hand over fist. For all the convenience that Amazon provides,  the business prospers unlike few businesses have ever prospered in the history of mankind. It's all about service, the customer and of course making money too which is quite okay. Money is just a neutral means of exchange. Nothing more.

 Obviously, if you run a business it would be wise to study the Amazon model to understand how one of the richest people in the world built this monster of a business. 


I have immense respect for Wikipedia. Wikipedia pages dominate for the most competitive keywords. You can be sure that this page will pop up for most keywords on page one as results one, two or three. Wikipedia resources are usually impressive too.

 But every number of months, this site posts pleas for readers to donate anything. Obviously, this is a not-for-profit site but it's also a perfect example of an organization refusing to receive money for immense service rendered and running into problems based on this foolish but prideful policy. Many organizations pride themselves on being a not-for-profit but slam into so many problems precisely because they have no money. Wikipedia founders would simply need to post a few advertisements on their site to solve their money problems forever. The money generated and sales could address any issues the site currently has with operation.

 I enjoy quoting Count Dooku from one of the Star Wars movies when he said “Twice the pride, double the fall.” Prideful owners often make foolish mistakes guaranteeing their doom because ego finds itself riddled with blind spots. 

 Do you run a business? What can you learn from Amazon and what lessons can you take from Wikipedia? Do you need to be comfortable with receiving more money for service rendered? What financial problems have you faced because you feel uncomfortable monetizing your website? Or have you monetized conservatively because you fear being pushy or too salesy, whatever that means? 

Looking at yourself and your business in the light of truth feels sobering at times but the lessons learned instantly accelerate your success.

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