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1 Tip for Overcoming Business Depression

Running a business can be challenging sometimes because you face strong fears along your journey. Facing various fears can be quite depressing. I know. I built my business over the past decade of my life.

 Ups and downs, ins and outs, wins and losses all trigger emotions in your being. Sometimes, you feel happy and at peace. Other times, you feel depressed and chaotic inside. Ultimately, one tip can help you overcome business depression if you follow this advice from a genuine energy.

Go Within to Feel Your Fears

 That is it. Go within to feel your fears. Observe what you fear about your business and why it feeds your depression. Depression only grows by fear fueling it. Feeling the fear removes depression of its fuel. What is left? Love, Harmony, gratitude and abundance remain in greater amounts after you explore deep fears from within your being. Does this process feel comfortable? No way. Hence the mass depression that seems to plague the Western world.

 I do not tend to attract the hustlers and bustlers of the business world to my blog and brand but know from following pros like Gary Vaynerchuk that many millennials build their business from a lower energy of fear. He shares that people in their early twenties feel depressed that they have not found their great idea and made their millions yet. Do you see the insanity in this line of thinking? Little kids have no idea that good things take a sense of purpose, great clarity, generous service and a genuine life long commitment to experiencing personal growth.

 If these kids felt fears fueling their depression, they would see infinite possibilities around them.

Depression Grows By Feasting on Fear

Let's dissect one of the most common forms of business depression:  you fear that you've made no money through your business after working for many years. Feel the fear of poverty. Hug the fear of loss. Embrace the fear of wasting your time.

 I went bonkers over these fears because I never felt them appropriately. But the moment I faced and embraced these inner demons I noticed my depression subside. My business depression began to dissolve slowly but steadily. Gratitude appeared. I felt grateful to serve people through my blog. Business grew. Why?  I felt the fears fueling my depression to release both the fears and the depression. Liberation followed. I enjoyed building my business for the sole purpose of helping people and all the outcomes felt like bonuses or extras. I did not feel depressed about my venture because I felt the fears  fueling that depression.

Spend Time in Quiet

 Spend time in quiet. Meditate. Or just observe your thoughts and feelings. Allow fears to arise. Feel these emotions. Cry. Punch a pillow. Sob. Or just feel the blanket sadness arising in your being. Eventually, these emotions pass. You feel better. Business looks better too. Gratitude begins to invade your being. Versus loss, you see gain. 

Feeling your fear was the prime step for overcoming business depression. 


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