Working On Yourself Mentally Uplifts the World

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I spend almost 4 hours daily on energy management.

I just wrapped up my late night 2nd Kriya yoga session. Toss in 2 other Kriya yoga sessions, yin yoga, meditating, exercising and an icy cold shower, and you have my inner work campaign.

Being incredibly serious about committing to my personal growth to better empower bloggers, I do not miss a day. Every day, I devote a 1/6th of my day to self help. Why? Working on yourself uplifts the world.

Late Night Work

12 years ago, I worked a security guard job. Personal development played no role in my life. Work a job. Get a check. Pay bills. Lift weights.

Tonight, I write this post at midnight when I could watch Netflix and go to bed. I already put in a full work day. Why work more? I intend to help you. Digging deeper, I work late because my serious energy management campaign inspires me to face fear, to do uncomfortable things and to follow my fun for me AND you.

Work on yourself mentally. Shine brightly for humanity.

Practice Good Emotional Hygiene

Most people shower daily to practice good hygiene. Few people practice good emotional hygiene daily by meditating and engaging in a regular inner practice.

Be most concerned with expanding your awareness. Practice good emotional hygiene by being aware of your thoughts and feelings, in quiet. Facing, feeling and releasing fear while meditating feels uncomfortable but liberates you from these heavy, anchor-like energies. All of those inspired, empowered leaders who influence you, shine brightly by simply doing the inner work humanity tends to neglect.

Be of great benefit to the world by working on yourself mentally, first. People work on their body but rarely work on their mind. Can you see why few achieve any appreciable level of liberation? Can you also see why the world needs more leaders? No one leads large groups of people unless they lead themselves through fear.

No One Leads Being Burdened by Fear

10 years ago, I wanted to be a leader. But I was so anchored down by fear that nobody would follow me. I had to conquer my own demons before helping any appreciably sized group of people conquer their demons.

After spending thousands of hours working on my mindset I genuinely lead my tribe from an inspired, loving energy because I faced, felt and released many deep fears. Facing, feeling and releasing these fears occurred because I diligently spent hours working on my mindset.

Pay close attention to successful, happy people. Most follow some daily mindset ritual to become successful. I have largely given myself to my spiritual advancement and blogging craft; hence 4 hours of energy management daily. Other people devote 10 or 20 minutes to spiritual growth. But know that your life and the number of people you inspire will change dramatically as you make spiritual advancement a big part of your life.

Don't get it twisted; I love living a worldly life too. I just know that working diligently on my inner world made life easier and allowed me to shine even more for an increasing number of folks around the world.

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