What Successful People Do Exceedingly Well

by Ryan Biddulph

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Observing people who reach the top of their niche, all seem to do one thing incredibly well.

All top pros gobble up opportunities quickly. Failures wait. Successes act now.

I remember a top earner in network marketing explain how he cold called people for 12 hours daily during a 6 month stretch. He had few bites during that time frame but eventually became one of the top few network marketers in the world. Why? He gobbled up 12 hours' worth of opportunities daily for 7 days weekly. Multiply by 6 months and you understand why he is perhaps the top guy on earth in his field.

Guru Grabs Opportunities

Observe Tony Robbins. He is the top self help guru in the world. But before he made it big, Tony spoke of making 100 plus phone calls daily to drum up business.

During my 4 month trip to Savusavu, Fiji, I heard many Robbins stories from locals. Tony owns world renowned Namale Resort in Savusavu.

Our neighbor mentioned how this icon hired him to do telecom work so Robbins could beam his seminars to the world from Fiji. TS was so grateful for having a skilled craftsman on the island that he wined and dined the guy, paid him a handsome contract rate and also sent him a check totaling a typical 6 month salary in Fiji, in addition to his rate.

Talk about seizing an opportunity to secure highly skilled help in your backyard, eh? Tony knew without this guy, he'd have to spend 10 times more money hiring a skilled person from the West Coast of the US, paying his fee and flying him to Fiji. But he secured this dude to have his telecom guy for any pressing, immediate problems to address.

Tomorrow Never Comes

Do you notice how most people put off opportunities until tomorrow? Tomorrow never comes. Only the moment exists. The future and past are human concepts, as no sentient being save humans understand the illusory concept of time.

Do you see birds checking their watch before roosting? How about bears consulting their calendar before hibernating? The present exists; time is illusion.

Incredibly successful people live in the moment, never putting anything off until tomorrow that needs to be done now. I devour opportunities aggressively. Daily, I publish 5 posts on my blog and 5 guest posts. Add in my blogger networking duties and I can honestly say that I voraciously seize and use opportunities daily.

Long Hours = Opportunities Seized

Mark Z at Facebook often worked 15 hour days during the early years of his company. He seized 15 hours' worth of opportunities to build this iconic empire.

Put in long hours to squeeze the most out of today. Every opportunity you seize positions you to become more successful. Every time you seize an opportunity right now, you lay one more building block in your life experience. You never need to lay that block or do that specific work again. Of course you may do the exact same thing for 10 or 12 hours tomorrow, but you simply lay new bricks on top of bricks you already laid.

Feast on opportunities immediately.

Do as super successful people do to live your dreams.


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