Success: Myth Versus Truth

by Ryan Biddulph

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Most people think success happens like this: you work hard for a little bit, you go viral in some magical “breakthrough” moment, and you get rich, famous and powerful.

Never. At least in the case of lasting success. Never buy into the myth of overnight success or of some power broker making you successful in one fell swoop, after a little work.

The myth? Success is doing a single spectacular, eye-popping, mind-blowing thing once.

The truth? Success is doing tiny, seemingly unimportant, simple, basic things 10,000,000 times. Or something like that.

Success Is 1,000,000 Tiny Steps Not One Inter Galactic Step

Most people believe becoming successful comes down to taking one inter galactic, incredible step. Boom! Success finds you after an instantaneous, quantum leap.


Success is taking 1,000,000 tiny, baby steps, over years of your life. Expect to spend 10,000 plus hours taking tiny baby steps. I published 11 blog posts today. Each feels like a baby step to me. At week's end, 70 more blog posts float around the internet with my name attached, boosting my skills, exposure and credibility.

I do not spend 15 hours daily trying to email Live with Kelly and Ryan (famous US show; not me and my wife) to get featured in front of 20,000,000 Americans. Success never works that way. I am far more likely to complete 20,000,000 tiny acts before landing a spot on a famous television show.

Besides; experiencing your one shining moment guarantees nothing.

No Clients After Landing on Oprah

A well known personal development blogger shared an interesting story of someone who actually appeared on Oprah Winfrey's insanely popular television show from years ago.

Do you know how many clients this individual attracted after the show? Zero. For weeks after, no business came her way, after appearing on one of the world's most popular TV shows at the time.

The lady had so many fears, mental blocks and limiting beliefs that she programmed herself to fail, no matter her level of worldly exposure.

Meanwhile, confident, clear entrepreneurs who do simple things over decades become billionaires.

Sometimes you see the appearance of a quantum leap. The illusion is that someone appears to have a massive breakthrough quickly. But in every case, this person spent years taking baby steps before experiencing the illusion of having a massive breakthrough.

Take Small Steps for Years

Anybody can succeed in any endeavor but most people get scared, panic and bail on taking small steps. Most swing for the fences and miss, again and again.

Stop trying to make a quantum leap. Success is doing little, seemingly unimportant things, for many years of your life. So few people get it which is why few people succeed. Do the simple thing for thousands of hours. Take small steps even when it feels scary and you hurriedly want to take monster -sized steps. Never do that; you'll fall flat on your face, anyway.

The rewards you receive for taking tiny steps every day over years of your life will astound you.

See the journey through.

Run laps around most people.

All those baby steps add up to something epic over the years.

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Ryan Biddulph

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