Stop Digging Up Your Seeds

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Imagine having a garden in your yard. But there's a catch; you only have enough sunshine to grow one plant.

Today, you decide to grow cucumbers. Next week, you dig the cucumber seeds up and plant zucchini. Yeah; you like this more than the cucs. But 2 weeks down the road, you become a tomato person. After digging up the zucchini seeds, you feel good about enjoying your tomatoes in a few months.

Only one problem; 4 days after planting tomato seeds, you do not want tomatoes this year. Dig those seeds up. Drop eggplant seeds into your garden. Awesome. Can't you just taste the delicious eggplant parm melting in your mouth down the road? But you want peppers more than anything else. Dig up the eggplant seeds after a few more weeks. Plant pepper seeds. Excellent.

By the time your pepper plants sprout out of the ground you experience the first autumn frost. Your pepper plants die. Why? You wasted precious months planting and digging up seeds for veggie after veggie. You have nothing to show for the prior 6 months but impatience and a lack of knowing what you really wanted to do.

Life Is Similar

Most people treat life similarly to the seeding scenario from above. I meet many aspiring bloggers who give blogging 3 months of loving attention and energy. But said bloggers want to be podcasters after this 3 month stretch because blogging no longer feels fun. Dig up blogging seeds. Plant podcasting seeds. After learning the in's and out's of podcasting, the podcaster spends 2 months launching their show. Podcasting turns out to be boring. Nobody listens to podcasts in your niche anymore.

What's next? Affiliate marketing looks profitable. Dig up your podcasting seeds. Plant affiliate marketing seeds. But 6 months' worth of affiliate marketing efforts yield $1.45 in profits. Nobody succeeds making north of a buck in 6 months, right? Wrong. I know a multi millionaire blogger who made $600 during his first year online. He makes a lot more dough now.

Most human beings never succeed in any one endeavor because they change their mind before developing skills and expertise necessary to succeed. People tend to plant seeds and dig up the same seeds before the seeds grow into fruits or vegetables.

Elements Plus Time = Fruitful Harvest

Plant a seed in fertile soil. Water the seed. Plant the seed in a spot with max sunlight.

Combining sunlight, water and Father Time allows the seed to slowly grow into a plant poking above the soil. Eventually, the plant yields produce. But you need to use elements and time to allow nature to do its magic.

Imagine your dream being a seed. Plant it in the good soil of your loving, peaceful, fertile mind. Water the seed with your generous learning and give the seed sun with your generous serving. DO NOT dig the seed up by changing dreams like I change time zones while traveling. Otherwise, you need to begin the process again, from scratch. Of course, you may feel tempted to bail on your dream, but if the dream feels good to you just see the dream through.

Factor in Father Time to allow the dream seed to grow from mental image to physical manifestation. Develop patience, persistence and a genuine love of the learning-serving process to see the journey though.

Harvest the sweet fruit of your dream seed – manifest on the physical plane – as your dreams come true.

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