How to Have Compassion for Physically and Mentally Unwell Human Beings

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Everybody is doing the best they can.

I remind myself of this simple truth every time I want to judge someone for not taking care of their body – or mind – for decades. Life frustrates you. Human beings blessed with infinite potential fear facing fear, bury the fear and mental illness manifests. Mental illness often manifests as physical illness.

People suffer horribly because not facing, feeling and release fear, pain and deep grief creates energetic blocks and dis-ease in the body and mind. How can you cope with loved ones who suffer terribly? Remember that everybody is doing the best they can.

Compassion Cultivator

I developed a deeper level of genuine compassion by realizing every human being operates at their own intimate level of awareness. People completely ignorant of their mind power to heal, get pushed around on the sea of circumstance. Victims believe life happens to them, not for them. Instead of angering at such folks or judging them for their seemingly pathetic, wasted lives, remember that people do the best they can based on their level of awareness.

Physically ill people generally do little to care for their health over decades because they do not love themselves, in many cases. Anyone who deeply and genuinely loves self takes care of their home, their body, as a natural reflection of their self-respect. I am far from enlightened but spend up to 4 hours daily:

  • meditating
  • doing Kriya yoga
  • doing yin yoga
  • power walking

Plus, I spend 1 minute or more in an icy cold shower to face deep fears, to increase my bodily energy flow and to enhance my health. Note; talk to your doctor before engaging in any form of cryotherapy.


I am doing the best I can based on my level of awareness.

Enlightened souls like the Dalai Lama spend 8 hours meditating daily. He is doing the best he can; God-realized men do some amazing things 🙂

A man in his 60's who emotionally acts like a 5 year old sometimes simply does the best they can, based on their limited level of awareness. Repressing fear, pain, grief and loss of childhood and dear loved ones deludes individuals into bizarre, uncomfortable to observe, behaviors. But this person does the best they can. Embrace this truth. Have compassion for the individual. Respect their growth. Dole love upon people ignorant of their power.

You and I have both cursed people who suffer horribly from long term illness. Why did they not take care of themselves for decades?! Why did they smoke after experiencing severe lung problems in their 20's?! Why? Someone who suffers and dies from an aggressive form of cancer or other murderous malady simply did the best they can based on their level of awareness.

Appreciate Fear and Pain

I appreciate anyone who feels terrified to face, feel and release deep fear and pain. During earlier parts of my life, I found myself estimating how many floors up I'd need to be on a high rise building to ensure a death dive. Being armed with an intimate knowledge of how it feels to face and feel your deepest fears, I understand why people choose to suffer through intense mental and physical illness versus doing the inner work – combined with medicine and doctor care, in most cases – to free themselves of dis-ease, and, to cultivate ease, peace and glowing physical health.

Everybody simply does the best they can.

Remember this to increase your compassion for our suffering brothers and sisters.

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