Fear Is Your Opponent

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The economy is not your opponent.

Never let a recession slow you down.

No politician stops you from doing anything.

Stop blaming people, conditions and circumstances for your lot in life. Never complain about a low paying job or annoying boss. Guess what? Who chose to work the job for the boss? You did. Did anyone hold a gun to your head before you signed on the dotted line? Nobody did that.

But if you do not seem happy with your salary, boss or job, one opponent beat you: fear. Anyone who works a job they dislike fears the repercussions of not working the job they dislike. Namely, these folks fear losing all of their money and their health benefits too.

Fear Is Your Foe

Stare fear dead in the eye. Every person you blame for some life situation simply scares you in some way, shape or form. But the fear is in your mind, NOT in their actions. Their actions are neutral. But your fear-judgment colors their actions. The politician putting specific laws into effect that mess up your life reveals the fear you cling to regarding government, politicians and laws controlling your life.

What happens after the president enacts a law? Honor the law but figure out ways to liberate yourself while honoring the law. The easiest example involves politicians raising taxes. People who fear the politicians and government and laws eating into their income cannot clearly see the easiest way to get around the problem is to make more money. Start a side business. Make more money. The taxes you feared paying seem like no big deal with more money in your pocket.

But starting a side business introduces you to a whole new bucket filled with fears. Face and feel the fears of wasting time on a business, being too busy, giving up wasteful hobbies and missing out on family time arise on beginning your venture. Fear is the foe. Presidents are never the foe. Laws are not the foe. Fear handcuffs you and makes you believe people or circumstances handcuff you because fear makes you see illusions.

Clear Fear to Dissolve Your Foe

I previously feared publishing 10 or more blog posts daily for people and circumstance driven reasons. I feared people being annoyed by all the helpful content I published on a daily basis. I feared Google depriving my blog of search traffic.

But facing each fear cleared the fears to dissolve the foe in mind. Not only do folks love my 10 posts daily, I seem to drive more search traffic than ever. Why? I ceased making enemies out of people and things and simply faced, felt and released the enemy of fear which falsely influenced me to fear people and things.

All in the Mind

Life is in your mind. Face fear. Feel fear. Release fear. Clearing fear from mind removes the imaginary foe in your mind. Everything turns into bookkeeping after that because no person or thing stops an increasingly fearless person.

Increasingly fearless people find ways through, around or under obstacles. Remove the foe to see your friends. Clear the fear to see solutions. Release the fear to see opportunities and help flowing your way.

It's all in your mind.


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