Do You Live or Preserve Life?

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Do you live daily? I mean, really live?

Or do you preserve life?

Do you seize life by the horns or coast into the grave?

Today, our governor here in New Jersey closed all state parks. Being completely unaware of the law – which went into effect while I was spending a lovely day in a remote state park called the Pine Barrens (Sopranos fans may recall it) – I realized how desolate NJ appeared.

My wife Kelli and I spotted about 4 people at the park and only a handful at one other state park. Of course, we practiced social distancing. The normally busy Parkway was a ghost town. On one hand, I applaud people honoring the quarantine to slow the virus spread but I also ponder the millions of people in NJ-NYC who desperately try to preserve their lives, locking themselves inside of their homes, because they are beyond terrified to die.

NJ-ites are allowed to be outdoors for exercising and shopping for essentials. But less people duck out every day, it seems.

My Deal

I do fear death just a little bit but never once thought of dying or even getting sick during this current news cycle. Why? I live life to its fullest. Having circling the globe for 8 years as a pro blogger, I have experienced a rich range of planet earth. Even being basically stuck in NJ, I work until 1 or 2 AM each evening, squeezing the most out of every day, to inspire the world through my writing.

I live life. I do not attempt to preserve my life, trying to cheat death. As wisdom states, death smiles at us all. All we can do is smile back. How can you enjoy life if you live mainly to avoid death? Life is not for spectators, but, participants.


I have deep compassion for terrified people. I know what its like to fear. Sick and dying people suffer right now. I send healing energies and love to all. But observing my mom's terminal illness taught me that life is for the living.

Either you live in a deluded state of trying to avoid death (aka preserve life) from a heavy energy of fear and terror, or you live boldly, chase your dreams, follow an inspiring purpose which uplifts humanity and get so busy living that you never think about dying.

Me and my wife love our evening walks these days. I see more deer than people in a heavily populated region of this most population dense state in the US. But I also feel compassion for the masses of people who imprison themselves indoors. Every person most terrified to die now simply made intimately personal decisions to not get much out of life. Attempting to preserve life cheats you of really living and accelerates your death, both literally, and figuratively, as your repressed fears eat you alive mentally and physically.

Live Life

Fully embrace life. Drink it up. Follow your dreams. Shine brightly for the world. We can all do our part by honoring social distancing, but life is for the living. Life goes on. So does living life to its fullest, amidst the panic of the general public.

Stop trying to preserve your life. Live!

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