Do You Even Know What Your Dream Looks Like?

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Enjoy that featured image.

I snapped this photo in Savusavu, Fiji.

Me and my wife spent 4 months there in 2014. Genuinely, Savusavu is one of the most gorgeous places on earth. Even Fijians call it the paradise of Fiji. For good reason; imagine crystal clear water, jolly locals, impossibly blue skies, palm trees swaying in the wind and a pristine, clean environment the envy of Robinson Crusoe.

For months, before I began blogging, I dreamed of coconut trees, palm trees, impossibly turquoise seas, clear tidal pools, blue skies, and the tropics. Nope; I did not dream once of these grand visions. I spent a few minutes relaxing in a quiet spot every single day and allowed this vision of a tropical paradise to appear on the screen of my mind.

Naturally, since I spent many hours doing nothing else but dreaming this image of living in a tropical paradise, over many months, I received mental instructions aka nudges, aka hunches, from my intuition, to make the dream a vivid, spectacular reality.

Do You Even Dream?

I dreamed of living in a tropical paradise routinely. Over time, as I acted on ideas received after dreaming sessions, my current island hopping life slowly came into form.

But….do you even dream? Few people dream of their ideal life. Most folks never dream. Most people give all their attention and energy to working some job just to pay bills, to buy a home, to start a family and to survive, right to the point of death.

Dreams? Hogwash! Dreams are for lucky people. Dreaming is for rich folks. Dreaming is for idiots with their heads in the clouds or in the sand. To heck with dreaming; you got bills to pay!

The prior paragraph sums up what most people believe. Believing these ideas ensures you live a mediocre life designed to enable your survival. Perhaps you take one vacation per year. That's enough dreaming, for you.

Dream. Life is for dreaming. Life is for living your dreams. We manifest this life experience for living our dreams, to enrich and inspire other human beings. Imagine if I chose not to dream? I'd still be working long hours as a security guard in New Jersey. Nothing wrong with that, but being honest, I know of no human being whose wildest dream is being a pier guard.

Stop Surviving Begin Thriving

Exit survival mode. Begin thriving. Dream for 10 to 20 minutes daily. What does your dream life look like to you? See it in your mind's eye. Add details to make the dream vivid.

I recall feeling cool ocean breezes and seeing palm trees sway in the wind for many months. Sure enough, after dreaming persistently and acting persistently based on ideas received after dreaming sessions, I found myself on the beaches of Sanur, Bali and Phuket, Thailand, months after I began dreaming.

I exited survival mode. I entered thriving mode. I took inspired action. Then, I took scary, terrifying actions. Then I took boring actions. Then, I felt excited to live my dreams. Then, I doubted myself, seeing myself as a fraud. But I kept dreaming, followed hunches, trusted my gut and after blogging for thousands of hours, my dreams became true.

But it all began with persistent dreaming.

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Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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