Why the Trying to Find Time Excuse Is Not Valid

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I know that 1 hour and 33 minutes expires before Monday greets me. I will likely still be blogging. Maybe I will churn out a few more guest posts.

Anyway, you and I both know 24 hours fills one day. We know how much time we have in a day. Why do I laugh when people make the blanket excuse about “trying to find time” for any worthy venture? What do you need to find? 24 hours worth of time stares you in the eyes every single day.

Did you lose 1 out of 24 hours? No; you did not. We seek what we have lost. But since you never lose any hour out of 24 hours and since we all know 24 hours comprises a day, trying to find time for any task is not a valid excuse, nor is it true.

Sure; you may make a poor, fear-based choice that seemingly leads to wasting 1 hour, but that's your choice and your fault. Own your decision. Time did not vanish. Time passed. Own how you chose to spend that time.

Every human being has 24 hours daily to work with. All people choose how to spend the 24 hours. Imagine you choose to spend 8 hours at a job and 8 hours sleeping. You chose to spend 16 hours working and sleeping, leaving you with 8 hours worth of choosing to do, with your time away from working and sleeping. Never get it twisted; you chose how to spend those 24 hours.

Make Different Choices

Stop making the “trying to find time” excuse. Make different choices.

If you work a 9-5 job mainly to support your family but desire to begin a blogging business, simply choose to spend 4-5 hours blogging part time every single day until you become a full time blogger and quit your job. You decide how to spend your time.

Bloggers often complain about trying to find time to blog part time as busy full time employees. I advise said bloggers to make different choices. All full time employees tend to have 6-8 free hours daily. Spend 4 of those hours generously blogging. You do not need to find time to blog. You already *have* 16 hours of time away from your job every single day. Decide to sleep for 8 hours. Decide to spend at least 4 hours blogging every day.

Make different choices to overcome the time-finding excuse. Nobody needs to find time because we already have time. We choose to work jobs or to begin businesses or to watch TV for 4 hours nightly. We decide to spent 3 hours watching Netflix daily. Time is no issue; we never need to find 24 hours daily because every human being has 24 hour's worth of choices waiting for them, every single day.

Choose Your Way out of Bondage

Most people work depressing jobs just to pay bills and survive. Slowly but surely, choose your way out of 9-5 bondage if you fall into this lot.

Choose to spend 2-3 hours daily figuring out your most fun, freeing dream life. Give yourself 1-2 weeks' worth of daily research for picking your path.

After deciding to start a business or perhaps changing careers, decide to spend 4-6 hours daily following your dreams. Sure you may need to work your 9-5 job for months or maybe years to pay bills, but maybe not. Perhaps a new, more enjoyable job surfaces for you during a job search. Or maybe your savings allow you to quit your job and begin your business full time.

Nobody ever finds time because no one ever loses time. If you appear to lose time it's your fault; you chose to spend that time doing something you did not want to do.

Nobody holds a gun to your head before you decide to spend time doing a certain thing. You choose. Sometimes, you may temporarily do something you despise doing because you have not the stomach to face financial heartache. I stomached some rough times by deciding not to work a 9-5 to pay bills, but respect how everybody walks a different path.

Never try to find time. 24 hours stares you in the face every single day. You lost nothing. You simply need to make different, albeit uncomfortable, choices to use time effectively.

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