What Is Your Version of Being Realistic?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I just broadcast a live video walking across Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.

Fun times.

8 years ago, I set a realistic intent: travel the globe with my wife while working my blogging business. My definition of “being realistic” differs from most people because I chose a different meaning for “realism”. Why? Well….why not? Have you pondered your definition of being realistic? Did you ever give thought to why you define realism as you do?

Mom’s Limits

When I began blogging over a decade ago, my mom told me I’d always be an office worker. I love her to death, but she had a definition of realism I simply rejected. I vividly recall her saying: 

“Let’s face it; you are an office worker.”

I worked office jobs my entire pro life. Why would she think anything different? My mom – like most people – was a lazy thinker. She thought and based realism based on people’s past actions and experiences. I chose to move in a different direction, away from her limiting ideas. Blogging and circling the globe seemed realistic to me. Did I need to be a Rhodes Scholar to make money online? No. I could profit online, buy plane tickets, flight to foreign lands, rent places and circle the globe while prospering online. Seemed realistic, to me, at least.

I Changed My Definition

I manually changed my definition of being realistic because I overrode negative, limiting definitions of the term.

Most folks deem being realistic as being a slave to circumstance. Whatever life tosses at you – even if its trash – just accept it, deal with it and slide safely into the grave, whenever that time comes.

Other folks define being realistic as living to work a job in order to pay all of your bills on time. However bizarre, most human beings define being realistic in this light.

A few bold, clear folks choose to see realism quite differently from humanity. Me and my wife Kelli are two of those types. You choose how to live your life. Who cares what other people think about you and what you do? Minus caring for children until they can move out and care for themselves, you don’t owe anybody. Save kids, nobody belongs to you. Plus, you belong to no one. Define realism however you wish to see realism in your mind. Set a course to live your wildest dreams. But remember to temper your realistic enthusiasm with the truth; learning skills to live a new life takes effort, time and a willingness to fear dive into uncomfortable situations.

Be Prepared for Change

I absolutely love my life of circling the globe. No more freeing, fun, fascinating and fulfilling life exists for me. But I had to change my habits dramatically to go from fired security guard to island hopping professional blogger featured on Fox News, Entrepreneur, Forbes and Virgin.

Circling the globe and profiting online seemed realistic to me but I had to make scary, uncomfortable decisions for years before the dream life manifested for me. Never turn around. Simply be with your fears, make freeing but uncomfortable decisions and proceed toward *YOUR* definition of being realistic. 

Never allow negative nellies to define realism for you. Especially considering what most folks view as being realistic!

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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