What Is The Movie Effect and How Does It Mess with Your Mind?

by Ryan Biddulph

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OK; I dubbed a confusing concept “The Movie Effect”.

Basically, after we watch some movie we see a 2 hour long, condensed version of a story.

Few movies span 2 hours of actual “story” time. Most cover years, or even, a full human lifetime.

Inspiring biographies form the basis of The Movie Effect. Imagine watching an empowering flick about someone who worked hard, followed their passion and overcame incredible odds to live their dreams. Amazing!

But one aspect of the film almost always messes with your mind. At least until you begin moving toward your dreams in genuine fashion. 80 years of life needs to be condensed into 2 hours of movie. Cool. Makes sense. But to your mind, it is impossible to fathom devoting 1 year, let alone 30 years, of your life, to some definite major purpose.

Logically, you understand how 3 movie seconds may equal 10 actual lifetime years during some transition period. But emotionally, making this realization feels difficult if not completely impossible.

120 Minutes Is Different than 7,889,238 Minutes

OK; take my blogging deal.

I spent 15,000 hours blogging. 15,0000 hours equals 7,889,238 minutes. This titanic number is quite different than sitting in a movie for 120 minutes. Most people watch a 2 hour movie, admire someone who gave 12 years or 15,000 hours of their life to some purpose, then complain when they haven't become successful after putting in 6 months toward some venture.

Movies delude you. 20 years of blood, sweat and tears passes in 10 seconds. This is The Movie Effect. The effect makes people think in unrealistic, impatient terms.

Big Results Means Big Commitments

I built 614 backlinks to my blog in the past 9 days. Most bloggers struggle to build 10 backlinks over a sustained period of time. People do not give backlinks out like candy to a baby. Yet I'll likely drive 1,000 backlinks to my blog organically in under 18 days.


I spent 15,000 hours of my life mastering blogging. Every day, I publish 5 blog posts and 5 guest posts. I also network generously. Why? I love freedom. I also enjoy freeing aspiring bloggers. But 15,000 hours of blood, sweat and tears went into developing my skills to such levels where I can build 600 backlinks organically in 9 days.

Good Things Take Time and Effort

Movie-worthy lives required movie-worthy efforts over movie-worthy periods of time. If Hollywood ever makes a movie about the broke, laid off security guard who became an island hopping pro blogger, rest assured, you observe my 15,000 hours worth of progress today.

Good things take time and effort. Generously following your passion for years and thousands of hours distances you from the herd. Plus you'll leave behind any residues from being infected by The Movie Effect.

Be generous, patient and persistent. Live your dreams by being 100% invested in the process of serving people and being detached from outcomes. Have you ever watched a Steve Jobs biography? He regularly noted how you need to be passionate about your craft because logical people, as he often said, quit, when things do not appear to be growing.

That little phone screen you stare at right now was thousands of hours and decades of Job's life. He dedicated a huge chunk of his life to technology and connecting the world….even if his autobiographical movies span only 2 hours.

Nobody lives their wildest dreams by experiencing the Cliff's Notes version of their life.

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