What Is the Cost of Not Facing Your Fears?

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Every fear you do not face, feel and release simply enslaves you to that fear.

The more fears you duck the more you become a slave to fear.

Being enslaved by fears makes you prone to easy fear triggering by news headlines, the general public and a whole host of common, day to day, activities.

Imagine if you choose not to face most fears because you love being in your allegedly safe, secure comfort zone. All feels ducky. But the split second a newsmaker chooses to BLITZ headlines of a global pandemic, the general public (most of whom never face their deep fears) gets triggered and you get triggered by the general public and news headlines. Mass panic ensues. Being filled with fear, you cannot avoid or evade mass fear, because you are a perfect vibrational match to this energy.

Rushing to grocery stores, you gobble up all toilet paper and spaghetti. Why? You FEAR starving and not being sanitary, for FEAR of being in your home, FEARING a 1 week, month or year long quarantine.

Congratulations. You just became one of the many billions of humans completely enslaved by their deepest fears.

Easy Pickins'

Goodness, do those with worldly power relish the easy opportunity of manipulating you. Why? They fear going broke. Even with billions in net worth. Naturally, fear goads them to manipulate you with fear to feast on negative, doom and gloom headlines, boost ad impressions, revenue, and helping their corporate buddies who cannot keep shelves stocked, as profits rise.

Face Fear or Fear Enslaves You

A seeming global virus pandemic is simply a mental global pandemic, manifest in physical meat suits, aka, bodies. Mentally well humans live a life of ease, flowing with love, abundance, wealth, peace of mind and of course, health. Mentally well, fear-diving, free people observe mass panic from a distance, not unlike watching a movie from the cheap seats.

Mentally un-well humans who duck fear live a life of dis-ease, fear, poverty, panic and frenzy.

What makes the difference between the two folks? People who dive into deep fears and feel these energies live a life of some momentary discomfort, but predominant ease. Everybody else pays the ultimate price of not facing their fears; dis-ease aka sickness, poverty, mental chaos and a general, blanket fear of everything going wrong or everything going to crap, eventually.

Dive In

I hate facing my fears. But I love the liberation sensation I feel after short, intense sessions.

I recall being in Koh Lanta in 2014. Slammed into a deep fear there, triggered by some online failure. I fell to the floor in utter despair. Vividly recalling smashing into the wooden planks, I nearly broke my arm in anguish and grief.

What happened after I felt and cleared that deep fear? Greater liberation! More freedom! I felt instantly better. Plus I experienced greater blogging success. Life became easier. Prospering ideas flowed to me more easily.

Why? I was less a fear slave and more a free bird, soaring through life.

What's the Upside?

Nudging into or diving into your fears liberates you. Imagine moving toward your dreams versus being triggered by seemingly petty fears, panicked people and negative news headlines.

While the general public zigs to avoid fear, you zag, nudging through fear to be even more liberated.

Make freedom your ultimate goal.

Set an intent to live your dreams.

A few moments of uncomfortable fear-diving is worth a lifetime of fun and freedom.

Fear is nothing but a bunch of little, squiggly, itty bitty energy waves in your mind.

Do you really want to be a slave to *that*?

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