What Fuels Your Problems?

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Fear energy fuels your problems.

Problems only exist in minds dominated by fear. Or problems only exist in minds leaning a bit too much toward fear.

Fear skews your filter. All is an opportunity to learn from, and to grow from. But feeling fear versus love throws off your power of clear perception.

Problems cannot exist save fear. Fear just creates a problem out of an opportunity.

Fear Fuel

Pay close attention to the virus allegedly gripping the world right now. Headline makers trigger fear in people – who have largely not faced, felt and released deep fears – through news media. Talking heads report deaths and fresh cases. I fear not the virus so I carry on with my life. Why? I have no problem with the virus because I do not fear it.

People who fear the virus – repressing their fear and pain for decades – suffer through huge problems. I visited the grocery store here in New Jersey at 8:20 AM today. Friday mornings usually afford me a quick, 2 minute trip to buy a few things. But purchasing oranges, oatmeal and beans via the self check out line took me 25 minutes.


Hundreds of people stormed Shop-Rite as if we were facing an

*****“I Am Legend”****** scenario. People stocked their shopping carts with toilet paper, canned foods and bottled water. Almost everybody there had a serious problem; fear and stress scared them into sprinting to the store in order to survive.

Meanwhile, I casually checked out with my 3 items. No worries in my world. Why? I have no fear of the virus. Hence, I have no problems. Nor do I run around in a panicked state.

Never Make a Quantum Leap

Imagine if a news hound raised you to follow the news religiously. Picture growing up in a house with hypochondriacs.

Imagine if you never meditated one day in your life.

Adopting my vibe and general attitude concerning the virus would be completely impossible for you right now because decades of fear sit bottled up inside of your being.

I've meditated for decades. I've performed Kriya yoga for months. I put in the time to develop a healthy relationship with fear. Paying my dues, I reap my rewards now. But it took me many thousands of hours to reach this serene state.

Perhaps this post inspires you to begin meditating. But all that bottled fear, pain and grief seemingly forces you to sprint to the store to stock up for the coming apocalypse.

Forgive yourself. It is OK to give in to fear sometimes if fear dominated your mind for 20, 30 or 50 years. BUT now that you've read this post, it is your complete responsibility to face, unearth and feel your fears through practices like meditation and self observation.

Do that. Problems begin to slowly but surely dissolve.

Eventually, you will not have any problems. Every former problem becomes an opportunity for growth and fulfillment.

But first you need to do some fear-diving.

Every problem masks itself in fear. Remove the fear. Opportunities arise.

Feel better by facing, feeling and releasing fears now. Apply this mindset to your next pressing problem. Expect to solve the issue quickly when you re-frame the problem through the prism of love and trust.

Problems dissolve into solutions the moment you starve problems of fear.

So….do it!

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