Watch Out for Poisonous Negative Influences

by Ryan Biddulph

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I am watching a comedy on Hulu now. Someone blames their failure on growing up in certain circumstances.

A few minutes prior, I saw an ad on YouTube. Presidential candidates talking trash about each other filled my screen.

I spied a host of negative influences walking around Manhattan today. Although people mean well, way too many folks use fear to motivate people versus using love to inspire people.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Beware negative influences because giving your energy to negativity goads negative circumstances to perpetuate in your life. Note how negative people tend to focus heavily on negative situations they fear manifesting. I grew up around someone who obsessively feared losing her home. My early entrepreneur years felt like a struggle because I secretly feared loss. Negative influences colored my mind in fear-filled fashion.

Negative influences poison your mind. I saw lack versus opportunity. Plus I focused on cowering to obstacles versus seizing opportunities for growth. Extract mental poison. Observe negative influences. Take the first step in releasing these energies.

Observe Negative Influences

Patiently observe negative influences in your life. Stop following politics closely. Politicians tend to use fear to scare you into voting for them. Cease following the news. News media uses fear to scare you into following the news. Beware negative influences all around you. Observe, identify and release these fear-filled environments to accelerate your growth. ID poison to draw the poison from your mind.

I lived my early life as a complete newshound. Wake up. Grab a bagel. Watch the news for 10 minutes before driving to work. 99% of news stories dripped with fear, violence, poverty and victim-hood. Focus on fear. Be influenced by fear. Experience life through a prism of fear.

Replace with High Energy Influences

Cutting out news and politics obsessions created space in my life. I filled this vacuum with high energy influences like meditating, doing Kriya yoga, doing yin yoga and exercising. Follow a high energy regimen. Be influenced by a positive, loving environment. Leave negativity in your rear view window. Succeed from a positive, generous, loving, abundant energy.

I fill my day largely with high energy people, situations and circumstances because I resonate with high energies. I also have zero resonance with negative, low energy people, situations and circumstances. Life became simple – and easier – the moment I released negative influences and replaced with high energy influences. 

Uncomfortable Choices

Most of the time, releasing negative folks from your life precedes happiness. No one succeeds being surrounded by low energy folks. Let go negative nellies because low energy types poison your mind. But releasing said folks feels highly uncomfortable. Some genuinely lost souls fearing your release may lash out at you or guilt you. Be with their fear. Sit with their pain. Give them zero energy. Let go. Move on.

Letting go negative folks is well worth your fun, freedom and fulfillment. Remember; it's your life. Do low energy folks live your life? Nope. You do. Your happiness is at stake. Release. Sit with discomfort. Accelerate your happiness and peace of mind.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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