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If the world seems to zig, I zag.

No one needs to be enlightened to see the state of the world right now. Most human beings live in fear. Fear-filled people panic. Calm, serene types live in love and peace. Calm, loving, peaceful people remain calm, loving and peaceful no matter what happens because little fear exists within, to trigger panicking.

I stopped officially following Corona news headlines a few days ago but even since the outbreak dominated news here in the United States, I spent no more than 5 minutes daily scanning headlines related to the virus. The world zigs in fear. I zag in love. Why? I protect my energy.

Emotional Distancing

I practical emotional distancing daily. Well-meaning but scared people focused on virus-fear, message me asking how everything is with me and my family in these crazy times. I respond, “doing good”. I am doing good because I am not focused on bad-feeling headlines.

Why would I allow their well-meaning but sometimes, a bit fear-focused, emotions, into my mind? I protect my energy.

Note; I love you and appreciate you all. Feel free to reach out and ask how I am doing. I also feel empathy toward scared folks but do not allow their fear to infect my mind. Otherwise, I would get swept up in the mass panic we see now.

Feel free to chat with scared people. But do not let them in. Guard your energy. Be compassionate by listening but not absorbing fear. I observed people wearing gloves and masks at the grocery store yesterday. That's fear. I feel compassion for these people but would never allow their fear to invade my mind. If I did let their fear enter my mind, I'd be walking around wearing gloves and masks for fear of catching the virus. Nope. I create space. Not so much physically, but mentally.

Be Kind But Protect Your Mind

I may reach out to folks asking how they are feeling. Point blank; I understand how folks feel scared these days. But no matter their response, I never get caught up in fear because I protect my mind.

Care for people. Help people. Be a listener. But also know who to leave behind because some people are so lost in their fear and pain that they become completely deluded, emotionally paralyzed and fully detached from reality.

Some people live their entire adult existence in an illusory world of fear. I've heard stories of people jumping out of car windows to avoid other people stepping into the car, for fear of catching and spreading the virus. Limit contact with people vibing from a level of rank terror. Nobody is responsible for interacting with someone paralyzed by raw fear because they need to face their demons and proceed before asking you for a genuine, helpful commitment, on your end.

Most of all, think about yourself. Protecting your mind helps you shine brightly for the world.

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