How Quickly Do You Fight Growth?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I recall my newbie blogger days.

People advised I grow my traffic through guest posting. But I did not know anyone. Plus I was lazy. Forget the fact I was likely to be turned down, anyway. I knew fellow bloggers would reject me.

I could not comment genuinely on blogs; had no time to waste on building friendships. I simply published a few posts to my blog, sat back, and observed my blogging failure for quite a long time.

Any time someone suggested ideas guaranteed to accelerate my blogging growth, I turned down the idea based on some excuse. As excuses increased, my failure increased, too. I regressed because fear forced me to regress. Fear forced me to regress because I never faced, felt and released deep fears for decades of my life.

How quickly do you fight growth in your life?

Turning Point

I slowly but steadily turned things around. Growth became mine. But I had to face, feel and release deep, self-sabotaging, painful fears to be open to good advice. Digging deeper and feeling more fears, I actually began to follow good blogging advice. Blogging growth followed.

Do you want to grow in your field of choice? Own how you fight growth-oriented ideas. If you follow sound practical tips but still struggle, begin digging more deeply into your emotions. Fears awaits. Fear is the only energy upon which struggle grows and thrives. Fear the feel. Starve the struggle. Begin to grow.

Right now, I could take an early evening nap or write this post in 15 minutes. My intuition told me to write the post even though my fear of fatigue told me to sleep. Right now, I intuitively feel writing the post accelerates my growth so I do not fight the idea of blogging and growth.

10 years ago, I not only take the nap now, I probably sleep through the night, because I filled my mind with much fear and pain.

Be Honest

Be straight with yourself. Do you label your as being lazy? Stop fighting growth. Do you also have an excuse handy whenever someone brings you growth-oriented ideas to act upon? Stop fighting growth.

Some blogger I never heard of reached out to me recently and cold pitched a guest post for my blog. I told him free guest posting is closed but offered my rate. He declined, complaining about having no budget.

He then offered a link exchange. I drive serious links to my blog. Never heard of his blog. I declined. Versus observing a pro blogger and learning from me, he tried to chide me, warning that I missed out on another link.

He fought growth because he is not honest with himself. If he were honest, he'd be humble, and would see himself in the light of truth. I drive 50 or more links to my blog daily. He blindly pitches pros for links. Who struggles? He does. Who should be learning? Him. Who would grow like a weed if he observed how he fought growth? Him, of course.

Stop fighting growth. Own and feel fear. Proceed from an open, growth- oriented mindset.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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