Find the Halfway Point Between Delusion and Self-Deprecation

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I recall watching an interview with Bill Gates.

He noted putting in many hours of work to get Microsoft off of the ground. In the next breath, he proclaimed “he got lucky” when his company took off.

Any person who has been one of the wealthiest folks on earth – for *decades* knows luck had nothing to do with it. His 18 hour days, genius and clear vision created the software world as we know it today. Toss in decades of generous service and you have the recipe for being a titan.

Gates clues you in to a success secret: find the midpoint between delusion and self-deprecation to remain balanced as you move toward your dreams.

Never Be Deluded

This icon did not proclaim to be God. Nor did he boast about his staggering wealth. Gates possesses supreme confidence and clarity but never got too high on himself.

Delusion destroys your career before you even get started. I recall one of my clients telling me she could have hired Tony Robbins or me. She chose me.

Her being wealthy and connected, I felt humbled, yet confident, but not deluded enough to see myself on Tony's level in terms of clarity and worldly success. I am not insane enough to believe I could NEVER amass $300 million in pure net worth terms because I have worked hard at blogging for 15,000 hours of my life. Give freely, receive easily, as I persist. I am confident. But I am not there, yet.

Of course I know my blogging stuff. But I am not one of the top entrepreneurs on earth at the moment. Believing that would be pure delusion. Delusion stunts your growth because know-it-all's never move higher in circles. Arrogant types burn out fast. Nobody loves, supports and follows ego-drunk, deluded people, for long.

Easy on the Self-Deprecation

Sometimes I joke around from a playful energy. Hemingway, I am not. I am not a terribly skilled, polished writer. This is OK. I do poke fun at myself from a humorous, relaxed vibe but never enter into a predominant self-deprecating energy.


Down yourself enough, and you have a horrible time believing you deserve success. Plus you will find doubting losers flock to you. No thank you. I prefer to surround myself with clear, confident, empowered people.

Poke fun at yourself here and there. But only because you do not take yourself seriously. Other than that, be confident. Get clear on your abilities. Believe in yourself. People follow leaders, not losers.

Find the Halfway Point

Find the sweet, halfway point between rank delusion and blanket self-deprecation. Be humble and confident. Exude humility and be clear on your abilities. The world needs someone who does not take themselves seriously yet knows their worth.

I suggest meditating daily to expand your awareness. Be clear on how you genuinely feel about yourself. Either nudge toward greater confidence or more humility, on a case by case basis.

People gravitate toward confident, relaxed individuals who see themselves in the light of truth.

Be hungry and humble.

Emit confidence, clarity and humility to become a leader in your niche.

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