3 Personality Types: And You Are?

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Enjoying my cup of coffee here in cool, relaxing New Jersey, I ponder the 3 personality types I observed so far today.

Each carries distinct traits.

Which one are you?

1: Dream and Doer

A few folks dream and do. Dreamers and doers get busy following their passion, rendering generous service as they move toward their dreams. Dreamers and doers are rare folks. Why? One needs to face, feel and release deep fears versus projecting fears (type #2) or burying fears (type #3), both more comfortable but of course, hell-inducing choices, humanity tends to make.

Dreamers get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Dreamers create the world you see today. All advancement occurs because a select few folks dream big dreams and see the journey through to manifestation.

Do you dream AND do? Good for you. Rare folks, indeed.

2: Critics

Critics project their fear-pain onto other people. None of these folks carry a positive, loving, high energy definite major purpose. Ever notice how no critics have statues or buildings erected in their honor? Critics are weak-minded fools who project their deep unhappiness onto other human beings through poisonous judgment.

Critics try to derail dream and do types. But fail. Why? Critics vibe from the illusion of fear and judgment, way down the energetic scale. Dream and do types vibe love and fun, way above the fear level on this scale. High energy dreamers and doers do not realize, recognize or validate critics. Two different energies, light years apart.

Ultimately, critics want attention. Critical types simply want someone to feel their pain but go about this task in bizarre, self-destructive, fashion.

Do you needlessly criticize others? How can you change this habit?

I suggest feeling long buried fear and pain. Clear energies fueling critical ways. Eventually, you'll be so busy finding your purpose and loving and helping folks (as a dreamer and doer) that you'll have no time to criticize them.

3: Comfort Zone Sufferer

This is most people; comfort zone sufferer.

People suffering in their comfort zone bury fears deep inside of their being, where the fears fester as mental and physical illness. To their ultimate detriment, this lot designs their entire lives to:

  • avoid fear
  • stay within their comfort zone

From work life, to domestic life, to everything in between, people obsessed with comfort and terrified of facing fear cut themselves off from humanity, largely or completely. Friendless, and seemingly outcast by folks who feel their rank fear, comfort zone lovers eventually rot mentally and physically.

These folks gobble up the news. Everything and everyone is a threat. Physical illness almost always manifests in these being's bodies. Why? You cannot get over something (fear) that is still in you.

Every human being who buries poisonous fears pays the piper, soon enough. Fear manifests either by feeling and releasing the emotion in unpleasant but cathartic, freeing fashion, or by slowly and excruciatingly exiting the body through violent illness. Genuinely, you choose.

Begin facing fear if you find yourself in this lot. Or fear will find you of its own accord. I found it easier to face fears, feel fear and be happy, healthy and prospering, versus suffering through mental and physical illness.

Take it from a former #3 🙂

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