1 Way to Put the News Media in Perspective

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Imagine a single grain of sand.

Visualize how tiny and seemingly insignificant this sand seems.

Now picture putting the grain of sand under the highest powered microscope in the world. The tiny grain becomes huge. Massive. Imposing.

Now, imagine if the news media projected the microscope zoomed-in image to the world, telling planet earth that this was the Sahara Desert. As ridiculous as this sounds, most of the world is so repressed with fear and living in illusion that they nod and agree.

Welcome to the world of news media.

The News Reports 1 Major Story out of 1 Billion Stories

Right now, billions of humans walk planet earth. We each have stories to tell. Some seem humble, but inspired. Others feel more eye-popping and movie-worthy. Take me; I am a humble blogger who began 10 years ago as a fired security guard, no clue in the world how to blog. I began circling the globe as a pro blogger after years of toil, sweat and tears.

Old RB has been featured on Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur and Virgin, and Market Watch linked to my eBooks a few short weeks ago.

I have also embraced a high volume of quite wild, funny and sometimes death defying travel experiences.

After inspiring a new wave of folks to live their dreams through blogging, to overcome obstacles and to slay their fears, I am 1 out of a billion neat stories the world can use right now. But the news focuses on that 1 story, blows it up to scare the fear-filled masses, and pounds the drum, blitzing new updates, scaring the living hell out of humanity, making the single story THE REALITY.

The News Magnifies that 1 Major Story to Epic Levels

Magnification is insane.

I spend 5 seconds checking world headlines. 5 seconds after checking New Jersey headlines – living here now – I retreat back to blogging, meditating, doing Kriya yoga, doing yin yoga, exercising or watching Netflix. Toss in time spent with wifey and you have my day.

During times of travel, I globe trot or simply spend more time traveling the United States. Choosing to give my attention and energy to these ends helps me avoid the magnification effect employed by news media to dominate you into submission. Forget major media sites; this is just the beginning. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google amplify major news media like a spark in a dry, arid forest filled with prime kindling, winds whipping up flames until the roaring inferno ravages hundreds of miles.

Make Your Own News

My advice? Make your own news. Everything of import flows from within. Any genuine life or death news update finds your phone or flows to you via neighbors. All else that matters sprouts from your inner world.

Make your own news. Follow your passion. Help people. If a clown like me gets featured on Fox News, anybody with passion, drive, a genuine love of serving people and a willingness to fear dive can make some headlines, too.

Remember; it's only a grain of sand before the news gets their hands on it.

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Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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