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How many times have you learned a concept and mastered the idea after one exposure to the idea?

Like zero times, right?

Why do you expect clients to master stuff after a single exposure? Let’s be real, guys and gals. Coaches sometimes lack patience because we forget what it felt like to be the client versus being the coach.

I chatted with someone recently. Likely, I discussed a few basics with the individual roughly 20 to 30 times. But the individual still does not listen to the basic advice I offered to the blogger. What can I do? Be patient. Understand how humans usually need repeated exposure to certain concepts for ideas to take root in the subconscious mind. I created a great deal of overlap among my 100 plus eBooks on Amazon because humans need to see these blogging and life lessons again and again for ideas to seep permanently into the mind. Repetition wins. Lack of repetition leads to failure. 


Most coaches feel impatient during newbie coaching days. Why do clients ignore your successful advice? How many times did you tell a client to do something, only to see the individual do something else? Annoyance creeps into your being. Do clients appreciate you? Why don’t they express gratitude by following your advice? Do they think you coach solely for your health?! 

Of course, being with your impatience unearths fears fueling impatience. Perhaps you fear looking like a fraud to clients. Maybe you secretly believe client failure reflects your failure back to you. Any coach worth their weight in salt understands – after coaching a high volume of clients – how most human beings do not follow through on success-promoting advice. If people did follow good advice, every one of your neighbors would be millionaires, happy, successful and free. 

But we humans usually need to be taught concepts many times before the ideas become a permanent part of our mindset. Be compassionate with clients. Show love to your readers. Most people live in a complete haze. Most folks seem to be completely ignorant of how they choose their life and how they can change course at any second. Being burdened by fear and pain, people usually ignore good advice again and again until blanket disgust sets in.  Being fed up with life opens you up to successful advice you finally seize, process and use to live your dreams.

Be Patient

I have offered successful blogging advice to certain bloggers hundreds of times through blog posts, guest posts, podcasts and videos. Yet, these bloggers refuse to process or follow the advice. So I keep offering the same, simple advice to ears that will hear it. Some folks eventually listen and learn. Others tune out and never learn. I cannot control another human being but I do control my generosity, compassion, persistence and patience. 

Be patient with people. Show compassion. Life seems to be an uphill climb for most people. Each time you offer good advice to someone, you make one more positive impression on their mind. Tides turn. People open up through either desperation or inspiration. Be patient, persistent and generous. Fall deeply in love with the process of helping people. Detach from how people use – or do not use – your advice. Trust in the process. Understand basic human nature to be less and less annoyed at folks who appear to ignore your advice repeatedly.

In time, more folks eventually listen, learn, follow your lead and succeed.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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