You Can Achieve Your Dreams at Any Age

by Don Smith

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[Image] You can achieve your dreams at any age from r/GetMotivated

I ran across this little gem in r/GetMotivated the other day. What I love most of all is the reference to Oprah getting fired when she was 23.

That was a mistake, right?

“No, it wasn't. Because she wasn't Oprah.”

“She was just some 23-year old punk who needed to be fired so she could become Oprah.”

“Sometimes you gotta fail to succeed.”

Grandma Moses, a famous painter, didn't start painting until she was 76 because she could no longer hold an embroidery needle due to arthritis.

Colonel Sanders didn't start developing the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken brand in earnest until he was in his 60s.

The average small-business owner in the US is 50.3 years old according to a study by Experian.

If you are thinking that you're a failure because you haven't done much with your life yet when you're in your thirties, forties, fifties, or beyond, consider this.

Maybe everything you've gone through so far is leading up to you becoming you.

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