What Is the Success Paradox?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I recall listening to a wise quote when I dove into intense personal development almost 20 years ago.

Bob Proctor quoted an experienced coach who professed the success paradox: you have to do it by yourself but you cannot do it alone.

My most valuable lessons arose from intimate personal experiences where I did it by myself. People taught me how to succeed but I did not genuinely learn lessons permanently until I personally experienced certain situations on my own, accessing emotions I had never felt in my life.

But I only learned these invaluable lessons because coaches and buddies taught me, inspired me and nudged me down a successful path, leveraging my presence.

You Have to Do it By Yourself

As Peter Parker's uncle Ben said, with great power comes great responsibility.

I learn this lesson more every day when I glance at the clock and see 11 PM or even midnight before I end my blogging work day. Every day I create and publish 8 or more blog posts between my blog and guest posts. Why? I developed a blogging power of being prolific, based on my 10,000 hours of practice. Owning this power, I take on great responsibility to inspire a new generation of bloggers to succeed.

I had to personally experience blogging for 10,000 plus hours to learn what it takes to become great in any endeavor. No one could do that work for me. I had to experience it myself along with the delicious mix of emotions triggered on this fun, freeing, sometimes terribly uncomfortable journey.

YOU have to put in the work to become highly skilled. Sometimes, you have to do specific things by yourself to take critical experiences with you. Human beings learn best from personal experience. Successful people seem to collect more personal experiences than anyone because they leave their comfort zone to gain crucial street smarts.

Success; you have to do it by yourself. But you cannot do it alone.

But You Cannot Do it Alone

I learned blogging fundamentals from experienced bloggers nearly a decade ago. I had no prior blogging experience or knowledge. No way could I succeed by flying solo.

Gurus teach me Kriya yoga. Masters taught me how to meditate. As a kid, I attended summer and fall basketball camps to learn from highly skilled coaches and players.

Nobody succeeds solo. You cannot do it alone because even coaches need coaches. You and I are human. People possess ego blind spots. Coaches reveal our ego blind spots to accelerate our growth.

Successful people also tap into the power of networking. Top pros in most niches build huge, loyal, ever-expanding friend networks to succeed because 100 is better than 1. Inspiring 100 friends to promote you beats your singular efforts. Of course, being a friend helps you become friends. Generously helping people in your niche forms bonds beneficial to both parties.

Some Solo Some Team

Take a solo journey sometimes to learn lessons you need to learn by yourself from intimate, personal experiences. But tap into the power of teamwork and mentoring to round out your successful journey.

You have to do it by yourself but you cannot do it alone.


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