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Whether you believe it to be a complete hoax or you know it exists, Bigfoot seems to be a fascinating topic.

The mythical cryptid makes most people laugh. How could an 8 foot tall, 700 pound humanoid live in North America's forests for centuries without officially being recognized?

I thought Sasquatch was pure bunk. But I came across a National Geographic special claiming how the famous – or infamous – Patterson Gimlin film featured a 7 foot tall, 500-600 pound being, based on surrounding trees and logs, her figure estimated on scale, using science. Nat Geo seems legit to me. Maybe I should dig deeper, I thought.

Hmmmmm….why not fire up YouTube to dig deeper? After spending a significant amount of my yoga time watching videos from critical thinking, analytical individuals, I identified over 20 factors that proves the Patterson-Gimlin film is not a human being in a suit. Patty – the being in the video – strides with a compliant, leaning gait. She does not bob like a human bobs while walking. Flat-footed, her knee bends at a 90 degree angle with each step. Try walking like this in a suit with huge, padded clown feet.

Look closely to see a hernia flaring up on her quad muscle; technology does not exist for such a thin suit. Never mind her bulging muscles popping out from under the alleged suit. At the time, the old school Planet of the Apes monkey suits seemed the most sophisticated. Could 2 hick cowboys from Northern California afford to invest $300,000 in a suit that *still* doesn't offer this level of sheerness, technology and sophistication?

Patty sports large, pendulous breasts. Strange, considering the film debuted roughly 50 years before the Me Too movement. Who would design a suit with breasts in the '60's? Watch the video with discerning analysis. Think. An entirely new possibility opens up before your very eyes.


Bigfoot may or may not exist but the raw power of thinking changed the narrative on this mythical creature over the past decade. People formerly laughed off the topic until recently. But tens of thousands of genuine people share intimate encounters with Sasquatch online these days, almost every story spotting similar patterns. Thinking may just be dissolving myth into fact. Using just a bit of logic indicates either tens of thousands of people are lying or a big, highly intelligent humanoid has successful evaded us for a long time, similar to how mountain gorillas and giant pandas stayed off our radar screen for centuries.

Thinking may be your most precious gift because simple logic creates bridges between impossible and possible. I thought I was a loser security guard over a decade ago. Carefully and deliberately changing my thinking purged that limiting belief. I began to see myself as a successful blogger. Logically, I patiently took mental steps to leave my low self-esteem behind to create an empowered version of me.

Paycheck for Paradise

I rethought my livelihood. Why work for a steady paycheck when I could have fun helping people, profit and live in tropical paradises around the world? Can you see the raw power of thought in action? One moment, I thought reality was working a job to get money. But carefully rethinking my life goaded me to see different possibilities.

Of course, I had to sacrifice a steady paycheck by working for free for quite a period of time. Struggles ensued. But I always *thought* I would succeed eventually. I did.

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

Change your thinking. Change the course of your life.

Life follows your thinking, feelings and actions. You choose your thoughts.

Patiently and deliberately think your way from impossibility to possibility. Action is required of course but everything begins with thought. Use this precious gift. Change your thoughts. Change your course.

Note; I do not suggest you make it your life's purpose to befriend Harry from Harry and the Hendersons. But carefully observing and thinking through how the news media, government and skeptical public manipulates our thinking on the subject of Sasquatch through a carefully created narrative has fascinated my deep thinking self to no end.

Moral of the story: do your own thinking. Use your precious gift of raw thought to free yourself, to uncover long hidden truths and to change the course of your life.

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