Serene Settings Produce Prolific Results

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I routinely create 8 to 10 blog posts or more daily and have done so for months.

I do not miss a day.

Toss in writing and self-publishing 126 eBooks and people demand to know my secret to being prolific. Here it is: I am largely serene, at peace, relaxed and quite chill whenever I write content. Words flow easily from mind to fingers to WordPress backoffice because no tension blocks the flow.

Tension seems to be the big enemy of being prolific. Tension creates writer's block and any excuse appearing to prevent creativity. I released writer's block long ago. How? I only created in serene surroundings.

Be Serene

Find a quiet spot in your home now. Relax. Allow yourself to be serene. Note little or no tension arising in mind. Feel serenity invading your being.

Allow tension to dissolve from your shoulders, back and legs, scanning your body north to south, then south to north, releasing tension in your mind.

Creative ideas flow into serene beings because no tensions or blocks to serenity exist in relaxed, calm, chill people. If you want to be prolific, be relaxed. Snag ideas effortlessly. Act on the ideas seamlessly. Be creative. Be prolific. Be generous. Be abundant.

Calm Stops Chatter

Being calm allows ego chatter to stop. Ego chatters about everything, including ideas it cannot seem to generate for being prolific. The moment you slow down and calm down, the chatting subsides into silence. Silent minds seem receptive to an endless flow of creative ideas.

Seize one of these ideas. Create something useful for others. Be calm, and tension-free, while creating good things for other people. Slow down and calm down. Being serene means creating from a relaxed energy to allow your prolific nature to expand.

Every day, my writing slows down even more. I feel more at ease, at peace and serene in all I do which makes me even more prolific. Being serene also keeps the creative ideas flowing to you, enabling you to be even more prolific.

Hard Work Does Not Work

Do you notice how when you work incredibly hard that it feels impossible to be prolific? For good reason; force negates. Using force by straining, striving and pushing your way to succeed makes little sense because tension you build blocks the very creative ideas you seek.

People who strain, strive and attempt to will their way to succeeding lose the precious, peaceful energy all creative types hold in their being. I used to struggle to write one post daily because every day seemed like a mad dash to the finish. After slowing down and calming down, all flowed to me with greater ease and being prolific felt like a breeze.

Relax. Not only will you enjoy the ride, you will also be much more prolific, creative and generous in the process.

Consider meditating and perhaps doing Kriya yoga to stabilize your energy from a calm, confident, peaceful vibe, guaranteed to boost your prolific nature.

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