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Savings Lives One Workout at a Time Challenge Updated for 2020

The obesity epidemic now exceeds nearly every other preventable cause of death by a wide margin; including starvation. According to reports from Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, ​Science ​Daily, the NIH, and the CDC, scientists estimate that as many as one in five deaths globally or 11 million a year are now related to the obesity epidemic.

Far too many of ​our friends and loved ones ​are dying from heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and other diseases that have been linked to ​being overweight. Please join me in fighting this epidemic​ as we get and stay healthy together.​

Teach Our Children to Play

This challenge is your chance to lead by example because our kids do what we do, not what we say. Start playing again, make some friends at the gym, or take the kids out bike riding. Eat a little smaller meals and throw in some fruit and veggies.

Let's make being healthy fun and normal again.

Let's get back to playing outside

Learn how you can help raise awareness by visiting the Saving Lives One Workout at a Time home page.

Don Smith

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