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Whose life do you live?

Honestly answer that question.

Most people live their parent's lives because most people live according to their parent's belief systems. Imagine if your parents did their best but had faulty mental wiring, impressing you with limiting beliefs, fear-filled ideas and a general poverty consciousness? Bad news.

I often like to assess why I believe certain beliefs on my life journey. Every time I think negatively, I immediately realize someone impressed the negative idea onto my mind. I was not born with the negative idea firmly implanted in my mind.

Thank goodness we can trade in limiting beliefs for more empowered, happiness-inducing, high energy beliefs. But only honest people who see themselves in the light of truth trade in limiting beliefs for empowered beliefs.

Whose Life Are You Living?

Living *your* life is almost always quite different from the lives your parents lived because every human being possesses unique dreams and even more different, varied paths to reach their dreams.

Most folks seem completely ignorant of the fact that their belief system almost perfectly mirrors their parent's collective belief system, until careful self analysis kicks in. Few genuinely free spirits exist. Note political beliefs and religious beliefs closely; parents program kids to believe certain political and religious beliefs and since kids rarely understand their power of free will, children accept these beliefs without question, and become little versions of their parents in terms of politics and religion.

Owning how you basically lived your parent's lives because you accepted their beliefs without careful, intimate analysis feels terrible at first. Who enjoys feeling like they wasted decades living according to their parent's belief systems? But observing how heavily your parents influenced your beliefs allows you to adopt different beliefs so you live your life.

Religious Example

My parents raised me to be a Catholic. I attended Catholic school from kindergarten to the 12th grade and never missed Sunday mass until I was 21 years old.

Priests prayed for our Muslim brothers and sisters from a lower energy, as if Muslims needed our prayers to be saved. My parents influenced me with staunchly conservative views, further distancing me from Islam, a religion I was conditioned to believe was highly radicalized. I felt highly uncomfortable even talking about Islam, let alone meeting Muslims. Why? I believed my parent's untrue beliefs about Islam and my church's untrue beliefs about Islam. Fear and manipulation, not religion, create problems in the world. I lived my parent's and church's beliefs, not my genuine, open, truthful beliefs.

After circling the globe for a few years, I met a handful of friendly, kind Muslims and instantly became more comfortable around Islam because my belief system shifted from fear and ignorance to love and openness. Everything changed dramatically after I spent months in Muslim countries like Qatar and Oman. I learned about the legendary Muslim hospitality in these lands as Omani folks invited me into their homes for coffee and dates 2 minutes after I met them. No fear and distrust there; just love and openness.

Everything changed the moment I let go other people's beliefs and adopted my own belief system based on intimate personal experience with the topic.

Live your life. Base your belief systems on personal experiences, not on the opinions of people around you. Stop living your parent's life based on their belief systems. Stop living the general public's life by trusting the fear-based, manipulative news media.

Live your own life. Be free.

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