Life Follows Your Self Image

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I just saw on Twitter how Kyrie Irving became the NBPA vice-president a few moments ago.

Following Kyrie since his days at St. Patrick high school in New Jersey, I figured he would eventually become famous through basketball. His skills seemed top notch but his confidence seemed almost super human. Dude definitely had – and has – a healthy self image.

During one high school game, his dad picked up a self help book I had been reading at halftime. Drederick paged through, scanned a bit and began asking about influential quotes from wise souls like Lao Tzu. We chatted about James Allen and other old school, empowering authors.

Kyrie later noted how he and his dad wrote out a series of ambitious goals from his childhood days up to his NBA career, including being the #1 pick of the draft. Kyrie and Drederick both understood how life follows your self image.

The World Mirrors Back Your Self Image

People see you how you choose to see yourself. The old, low self image me viewed NBA stars I met as being on a pedestal, well above me. I bowed to these icons in deference. But current day me – holding a healthy image of self – sees the same stars as being on my level. I have not hundreds of millions or world fame – yet – but have experienced worldly success and have been featured on sites like Fox News, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Virgin.

I am humble but clear on my blogging abilities. The more confident I become, the more success I experience. The world simply mirrors my self image back to me.

People see you how you see yourself. Do you surround yourself with low achievers who down you? Low self esteem goads you to resonate with people who reflect your poor self image back to you. Empowered people befriend other empowered individuals. Possessing a healthy image of self inspires you to network with fellow confident people. Expect to amplify your success as your confidence grows because the world follows confident, inspired people.

Beware Poor Programming

My self image seemed horrible for much of my life because authority figures around me seemed to have a dirt poor self image. I vividly recall these folks downing themselves and their creations terribly. Of course, I did the same thing in sports, school and work.

I recall drilling 12 treys during a junior varsity basketball game. Rather than reaching a new level of supreme confidence from my astounding feat of burying 12 three pointers in one game, my low self image told me I got lucky. I preferred to beat myself up for poor performances over celebrating my basketball success.

Move in an Empowered Direction

Eventually, I spotted a pattern between my low self esteem and self esteem issues of people around me growing up. I faced and purged fears concerning my abilities. Life changed slowly and steadily. My improved self image aligned me with empowered people who influenced me to make empowered choices.

Success gradually found me. Fellow entrepreneurs with high self esteem taught me how to handle myself, how to network and how to improve my skills. I lived my dreams because my healthy self esteem allowed me to live my dreams. Quite a different story from the depressed, sheltered security guard sitting in a gatehouse over a decade ago. My job back then followed my poor self image. My business and life follows my healthy self image now.

See yourself in a powerful light. Life follows your self image. The world makes room for confident people who hone their craft.

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