Family: The Final Frontier

by Ryan Biddulph

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Every non-enlightened human being reading this post has some heavy energies with their family experiences.

Family triggers your fear better than any human beings. Wives, husbands, kids, siblings and parents yield seemingly magical powers, pushing your buttons, enraging you and humiliating you. Your family members and you have a strong past.

Without a doubt, family has been my final frontier. I had to face, feel and release powerfully deep fear, pain and grief concerning events involving close family members. Thank goodness each experience arose. I needed to face, feel and release fears triggered by traumatic family experiences to be the generally calm, relaxed, happy person I am today.

Purge fear. Radiate love.

Repression Leads to Depression

You and I access a wide range of experiences with family. We tend to grow up in a home with a mother and father. But divorces occur. Trauma in the form of grief, sadness, anguish and rage visit you when your dad leaves your mom. No 5 year old knows to face, feel and release these painful emotions. Guess what? Until you do face these fears you could be 75 years old and still heavily burdened with these nightmarish emotions, living a largely unhappy, mediocre life.

Good luck trying to be poised, peaceful, compassionate and prospering in any endeavor while burdened with the deep trauma of suffering through your parent's divorce.

Most people live unhappy lives because most folks repress fears triggered during family trauma. But facing, feeling and releasing these fears leads to liberation, a sense of calm and a genuine love for life.

Terminal Illness Trigger

My mom was diagnosed with a terminal illness in 2012. After living in denial for a few years, I slowly felt deep rage issues I clung to for most of my life, and the accompanying fear.

I experienced physical, mental and sexual abuse as a child. Not facing, feeling and releasing the emotions triggered during these difficult moments influenced me to build up my body and to bury my range. I became a bodybuilder. I also became a world class repression-pro, burying my fear, pain and grief under a paper-thin veneer of humor.

Embracing my mom's terminal illness triggered my fear, pain and pure blind rage about certain events of my childhood. Seeing your mom suffer forces you to either repress deep fears (leading to mental illness, physical illness or abuse issues) or release these fears in wells of tears, along with whatever other emotions you bottled up.

I broke my hand punching a wall in Bali and also recall falling to the floor in hopeless desperation during a trip to Thailand. After trying to save a puppy in India – who died 2 days later – I experienced a crying fit for 45 minutes that forced me to begin vomiting.

Each fear clearing session felt horrible but incredibly liberating. I became calm and loving because I cleared the fear-filled, chaotic energies long dormant in my mind.

Once again, family forced me to access, face, feel and release emotions that held me down like an anchor for decades.

Hardly Enlightened But Generally Serene

I am no Blogging Buddha. But for a dude living a worldly life, I am genuinely serene most of the time. Tough experiences with my mom, dad and sisters all triggered the fears I needed to clear to be calm, loving and compassionate.

Face family stuff if life seems depressing or deflating. I hate to sound like Freud. But facing difficult childhood experiences seems to be the key to freedom. Personal and professional growth almost always accelerates after you face deep family stuff.

Family is the final frontier.


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