5 Minutes of Fame Leads to a Lifetime of Loss

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*Lasting* success does not happen overnight.

Some people experience 5 minutes of fame along with a lifetime of loss.

Being tactful, I care not to list specific examples. But we all know one hit wonders in various fields. People rush the process, become famous for a short period and vanish, never to succeed again in their niche.

Fortunate one hit wonders find happiness in other fields. Less fortunate folks experience depression, domestic problems and financial ruin.

Never Force Success

Never seek fame. Trying to be popular rushes the success process. All one hit wonders who garner 5 minutes of fame never became fully prepared to experience lasting success. Observe entertainers who go from hot to not so hot, fast. Every one of these individuals tried to forced success before the entertainers patiently practiced enough to develop their skills and exposure organically. Succeeding the right way takes patient work, generosity, trust in self and ample time.

Slow Down to Prepare Yourself

One particularly famous singer blitzed his talents via a massive radio and video blast. He eventually experienced massive worldly success along with a host of legal issues and mental problems. He should have slowed down to prepare himself emotionally for being an icon. This way, his skills and mental stability would have allowed for him to become a super star after earning the right to be world famous over years of his life. Plus, he would actually be enjoying the ride without slamming into legal problems.

Lifetime of Loss

You literally lose the opportunity of a lifetime by trying to rush success. I foolishly tried to become a successful blogger quickly but slammed into struggle for years. I never practiced. I developed no skills. I did not prepare to succeed organically. I lost.

But eventually, I decided to slow down, calm down and patiently develop real skills fueling lasting success. Year of loss slowly evolved into years of gain. I began to experience lasting blogging success. Plus I landed interviews through major media outlets, including Fox News, Forbes and Entrepreneur.

If I never prepared myself to succeed through persistent practice I'd have lost forever in the blogging game. Thank goodness I woke up.

Succeeding Before Proper Preparation Equals Doom

Every one hit wonder in the acting or singing niches learns the downside of not effectively preparing for success; you forever lose the opportunity to fully capitalize on the opportunity. Singers get laughed off the airwaves. Actors find themselves relegated to B movies.

Singers and actors who put in the work for thousands upon thousands of hours before hitting it big make millions and millions of dollars while becoming lasting icons.


Jon Bon Jovi grew up about 3 minutes from where I live in New Jersey. He became a music legend because he paid hard dues for years before hitting it big, preparing himself for super stardom. When his opportunity came, he prepared himself to become an icon for decades.

On the flip side, I often see high school basketball players with millions of social media and YouTube followers due to heavy promotion by family members and certain online tribes. None of these ballers earned the right to millions of followers through their hard work, skills and persistent preparation. Naturally, their 5 minutes of fame will end soon because pro basketball is in no way part of their future.

Lasting success requires patient, persistent practice, ample time and organic growth. Prepare yourself to succeed over the long haul. Experience long term gain versus a life of loss in your field.

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