Why Giving Is the Quickest Way to Get

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I spend a few moments daily reading Quora questions to help my fellow bloggers.

Without fail, bloggers ask mostly about how to get blog traffic or blog profits.

What is the quickest way to get anything in life? Give. Give generously of your energy, time and talents to position yourself to receive.

Generous people tend to become highly successful in their niche of choice because these folks gain both skills and exposure to become trusted commodities. Give freely, receive easily. But most people mess up the process. Folks focus on trying to get in life without doing the one thing required to get: giving freely.


Observe Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. He is currently the wealthiest man in the world. Bezos gave freely of his time and talents to create perhaps the most convenient concept in civilization. Anybody can get almost anything through Amazon, delivered quite quickly in most cases.

One can argue that he found the “quickest” way to become worth over $100 billion by giving freely on a massive, legendary scale. He made it incredibly easy to get what you want fast through his website.

But on a micro scale level, the simple concept of giving freely tends to lead to swift receiving. Example; write and publish 5 guest posts on blogs from your niche within 2 days. Get a quick, sharp traffic surge to your blog.

Quicker Does Not Mean Quickly

Never confuse “quicker” with “quickly”, when it comes to getting. Everybody needs to be generous for a sustained period of time before netting profits and worldly success with increasing ease. Virtually nobody makes money fast because it takes time to develop sufficient skills and to gain ample exposure to become successful.

But giving freely is the quicker way to getting, versus obsessing over getting, a common mistake among people who struggle. Get busy helping people. Stop focusing on yourself. In time, you will receive easily.

Give Before Get

Struggling people try to get something for nothing and become highly disappointed. Successful people understand how you need to give freely before you get anything in life. Nobody is immune from this basic law of sowing and reaping.

Observe generous people with a business mindset. I've often noted how Gary Vaynerchuk did an incredible amount of giving before he became famous and wildly successful. He noted landing interviews on world famous TV shows after doing over 2,000 free interviews on YouTube.

Gary Vee mentioned a fair number of those interviews yielded 0 views. He gave freely to become wealthy, powerful and successful. Meanwhile, most struggling entrepreneurs carefully meter out their giving in stingy, measured out fashion. Is it any wonder why nobody knows these stingy entrepreneurs while Gary Vee is a famous icon worth almost $200 million?

Give freely. Position yourself to become super successful over the long haul. Short term, the quickest way to get is to simply give freely of your energy, time and talent. Giving always precedes getting.

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